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Running Up Those Hills

Filipe exit-interviews that he was unhappy with life when he came on campus, but now he's motivated and driven and enjoys life. He can't wait to go out there and inspire others to lose weight. He says that he's blessed to have had the opportunity to be there, and can't wait to go home and inspire those he loves most in the Tongan culture. The next time we see him, he's going to be ripped and stacked with muscles. He kind of is already. We go home with Filipe, and he looks great and his giant family cheers wildly to see him. His wife, Levila, can't believe how good he looks and how much his life has changed for the better. Cary, Filipe's dad, is incredibly proud. And then there's Sione! Even he can't believe how much better Filipe looks than he did 3 weeks ago. Against a backdrop of a giant buffet and people chowing down, Filipe's brother Moneh says that this is like seeing a miracle, and he knows that Filipe will bring the knowledge from the ranch to help his family get healthier. Filipe is excited about what the future holds for him, his wife, and his kids. Filipe tells us that he's lost 13 pounds since coming home, which he doesn't view as a lot. He plateaued for a bit due to the stresses about being home and not knowing how to cope with the pressures of working out and support his family. And then reality hit him when his dad had a stroke. Oh! The dad we just met! It refocused Filipe, and rededicated him to his task. He started having a weekly exercise class at his house, which is about the cutest thing you've ever seen. It's not quite at the level of the last-chance workout, but he's got his family moving and sweating. Levila is so proud that Filipe's making changes not just for himself, but for the Tongan community. We learn that Filipe has continued his weekly exercise classes, and that his father has started attending them and is working towards a full recovery.

Next week: Oh, wait! It's not the finale like I thought. But the contestants go home and come back and weigh in one last time. America will decide who makes it to the live finale, which is actually in two weeks. Team Tara!

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