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Contestants Reunited With Loved Ones

We begin in the elimination room, immediately following Trent's ouster. Sami tells the contestants that, in a Biggest Loser first, they'll be going to the place that can really sabotage all of their efforts thus far -- home. They'll get to see the families and friends that they love and miss, but the two people they won't be seeing are Jillian and Bob. As much as I love the trainers, I have to say that if I were these guys, I could probably use a break. Can they stick to their diets and find time to squeeze in a workout in their busy days? Hopefully, because when they get back, they'll have to face the scale. Sami tells them to start packing, because they'll be off first thing tomorrow.

Jay thinks that this break is coming at a good time, as he had a disappointing loss and needs to figure out what's going on. He knows that Mark says there's plenty of blame pie going around, but he's taking it the hardest. Maybe if he'd had a slice of Wrigley's Sugar-Free Gum instead of ordering the Blame Pie, his numbers would have been better. In any case, he thinks a trip home will reenergize him. Bernie and Brittany, meanwhile, are filling their suitcases with low-calorie snacks. Bernie says that he's excited to see his family and girlfriend and dog, but home is where he got that extra 100 pounds of love in the first place. Kelly is scared because she and Paul are going their separate ways. She's hoping that they can both maintain the good work that they've done on their own. As Kelly know Paul pretty well, I doubt that she's all that optimistic.

We travel with Dan to his home in Illinois. He's excited to see Jackie, and to find out whether she's been keeping up with her weight loss regimen. Mark, heading back to Boston with Jay, is excited to be going to a nice, safe place where people aren't scheming to get rid of you. I bet when Mark's wife saw that footage she laughed and laughed. Paul returns to his home in Melbourne, Florida, while Kelly returns to hers in Titusville, Florida. In the elevator up to her apartment, she starts crying. Of course. Maggie heads home to cold, icy New Jersey, and notes that the weather poses a challenge to her. However, she's excited to see Jenn and find out if she's succeeding in her weight loss. Brittany travels back to San Jacinto, California, determined to keep her focus. Bernie, a resident of Chicago, is planning to communicate to his loved ones that he needs their help. Roger heads to his house in Alabama, scared that he may fall into some old habits. If one of those habits is emerging Eva Peron-like onto his balcony to the cries of an adoring crowd, he already has.

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