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The teams enter the convenience store and someone says that it smells good in there. I mean, all the good snacks are hermetically sealed. Unless your idea of a good smell is a malfunctioning Slurpee machine, I don't get it. Sami explains that in this temptation challenge the teams must guess the amount of calories in some of their former favorite snacks. Whoever gets closest to the correct amount of calories without going over wins a pack of Extra Boysenberry. Mmm, delicious filling gum! The first team to win three packs of gum wins the game and gets to stay in the RV. All the other suckers camp. Oh, but wait! There is one inconvenient rule. If your calorie guess is not correct, you have to eat the snack. The contestants look crestfallen as they weigh luxury versus losing weight. Renee confirms for us that she wants to sleep on a damn bed, and will take her chances with the fatty snacks. Purple Amy feels the same way. She says that she and her mom are not camping people at all, and she doesn't want to start now. Oh, if only she had shared that logic with me before July of 2008. Er, I mean there's nothing like trying to fall asleep to the sound of rain flooding your tent. Soothing! Anyway, the Pink and Purple Teams are in. Heba and Ed were all set to not play, but when they learned that the first item in question was a Rolo and less than 30 calories, they thought they'd try their luck. The Red Team decides to partake, but the Brown and Yellow Teams pass. Jerry confirms that he and Coleen don't want to be dumb-asses two weeks in a row. Good choice.

Round 1! Turns out there are 26 calories in a Rolo. Heba and Ed win the first pack of gum. Pink, Purple and Red savor their candies. Heba then learns that because they won, they have to play in the next round. Pink, Purple and Red all agree to play round two. The snack in question is string cheese. The number of calories in string cheese is: delicious. Seriously, I don't care. I love that shit. Heba and Ed win round two as well, with their guess of 80 calories for string cheese being exactly right. Another pack of gum for them, and another 80 calories for the other teams. Round three! Orange is in automatically. Pink is out, as is Purple. Red Amy notes that she's a gambler, and gives it some hard thought. However, in the end she and Phil decide that it's too much of a risk, so they're out too.

But wait! Orange still has to actually win the third pack of gum. The next snack in question is a regular all-beef hot dog. Heba and Ed realize that if they lowball it they'll automatically win, so they guess 10 calories. The hot dog with bun is actually 240 calories. Heba and Ed win. I don't know, it's sort of hard to muster up any enthusiasm for that particular victory. The teams, minus Heba and Ed, get back on the bus. Vicky shares with us that she and Brady were hoping that the Red Team would win, because Brady is sick of Phil. It must be nice for Brady to have a break from feeling sick of himself. Ed and Heba lounge in the RV like big pimps, and Michelle hopes that they might get a little too comfortable in their comfortable recliners.

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