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The Orange Team is next. They need to have lost more than 8 pounds total. Heba goes from 280 to 274 for a loss of 6, while Ed goes from 309 to 299, for a loss of 10. Well done, Oranges! Heba gives Ed a big hug for being in the 200s. Sami asks him if he feels different, and he says that yes, he doesn't feel as fat anymore. Orange has lost 16 pounds, or 2.72%. It's a good number. The Brown Team is still in danger of falling below the yellow line. Vicky tells us that if they do fall below the yellow line that's okay, because Brady can go home and do it on his own. She's here to finish it, she says. They're like a model of partnership, aren't they? The Purple Team is next. They need to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay alive. Amy goes from 219 to 213 for a loss of 6, while Shellay goes from 201 to 198 for a loss of 3. Good job, Amy! All that paddling in vain was, in fact, not in vain. Amy starts crying, and Sami asks what's up. Amy says that she was scared she was going to lose her mom. She wants them to always stay together on the ranch, and expounds on how cool her mom is. They've always been close, and this has made them that much closer. Maybe they could give a class to Michelle and Renee. The Purple Team lost 9 pounds total, or 2.14%.

So it all comes down to the Yellow Team. They need to have lost more than 8 pounds to beat the Brown Team and be safe from elimination. With the camping trip and the hamstring injury, Jerry knows that it's going to be a little dicey. Coleen goes from 202 to 195, for a loss of 7. It seems like good news, until we pan over to Jerry on the scale. He's gone from 358 to 360, for a gain of 2. Aw man. Maybe we can blame it on all that fluid in his leg? Coleen looks at their combined loss of 5 pounds with disbelief as Vicky smirks with satisfaction. It is so fitting that Vicky and Brady wear the color of dookie. Jerry is shocked and sad. Jillian tells us that when she saw Jerry gain two pounds she felt physically sick. We cut to an interview with Coleen, who is crying. She relives the thrill of seeing her own seven pounds and thinking that they were safe, and then the heartbreak of seeing her dad gain two pounds. On the scale she holds it together, though. She says that her dad was injured pretty bad, and did what he could do. Vicky continues to smirk. Ew. Jerry expresses his disappointment and says he never expected to gain. Coleen and Jerry's total percentage lost is .89%, which of course sucks. Even Sami seems to be a little teary. She tells Jerry and Coleen that they have an hour to make their decision. All of the nice teams (read: not Vicky and Brady) are totally crying.

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