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Jerry tells us in his exit interview that he's going to miss Coleen. He came here with her encouragement, and she's motivated him to stay in the game. As a father he can't express how much he loves her. Will they please stop making me cry? I can't take it. Jerry is leaving the ranch 20 pounds lighter. He says that he's realized what bad shape he's in and has been pushed forward to realize how good he is. He's already been able to go off of his blood pressure medicine, which is of course a good thing. He's happy for his new life, and says that the next time we see him we'll see a lot less of him physically, but we'll also see a bigger heart and a bigger mind. I don't think the bigger heart part is even possible.

We then get to see Jerry today. Whereas before he could barely walk from the parking lot to work, now he can run a mile and a half! Yay! He does five miles on the bike every day, which he calls phenomenal. Dr. H. pays Jerry a surprise visit to Cleveland, saying that he's never had a patient with such a dramatic turnaround in such a short time. Jerry basically had severe everything disease, and is now a whole lot better. The Biggest Loser has woken him up, he says, and there's no looking back now. He looks so much better, and is even cruising around on his Harley. Jerry has lost a total of 70 pounds, motherfuckers! Now I want him to adopt me.

Next Tuesday: Beatings! And an emotional homecoming for Phil and Amy.

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