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Amy, What You Gonna Do?

It is night in the Biggest Loser house. Amy C. sees the survivors from the Black Team, and realizes that her mom has been sent home. She cries, and says that it feels like a little piece of her left. Or a biggish piece of her. Amy wasn't the one who wanted to come on the show -- it was Shellay who pushed her to do it, and Amy is glad that she did. She tearfully says that she's really happy they got to be on the show together. She isn't sure why the Black Team voted the way they did, but says that it was their choice. Amy is determined to make it to the end -- not just for Shellay, but for herself. And that's what Shellay wanted all along.

The next morning Jillian enters and finds out that Shellay is gone. She doesn't seem nearly as sad as Amy is. Coleen reminds us how tough it was to vote Shellay off, but says that having a man on the team really keeps them competitive for the next weigh-in. Phil needs to get up and do some jumping jacks now to earn his keep. Jillian tells her team that they don't want to go back to the elimination room, and thus need to get a bit more competitive. She says that she doesn't want it to be about winning, because it's not about winning. Except for the times that it is. Renee says that she doesn't want to leave, and so will push herself until she's got no more. Coleen also says that she's going for her goals and isn't going to stop. Jillian asks Phil if, if need be, he'll be the pound they need to send his wife Amy home. Phil says he'll do it. He's in direct competition with his wife, and has to come to grips with that and focus completely on himself. I bet he's really regretting secretly eating those two peanut butter cups right about now!

The Blue Team takes a field trip to a place called Absolution, where they find Bob hanging on a silk like he's a member of Cirque de Soleil or one of Cher's backup dancers. Jillian, meanwhile, takes her team to an outdoorsy site featuring two guys and harnesses. It's a ropes course, which Jillian hopes will reenergize her team. Coleen has a huge fear of heights, and is not feeling so reenergized at the thought of climbing a 40-foot pole. Meanwhile Bob, who I suspect is a fan of 40-foot poles himself, wink wink, has his team hang from silks and trapezes. He tells us that you learn from yourself in the freefall of life. Someone's been watching a little too much Oprah again. Can't you just see Oprah and Gayle doing this while trying to hide their love from a discerning viewing public? Heba tells us that hanging around like a French-Canadian mime clown takes more strength than you might think. Phil, meanwhile, enjoys a snack that he packed in his Zip Loc bag before he climbs up a 35-foot pole. He has to stand on a teeny tiny platform and then dive off to catch a ring. Coleen gets a little panicky just watching him. Phil tells us how he pushed through his fear and jumped. He doesn't catch the ring, but he's proud of himself nonetheless. Jillian gives him a big hug as Coleen freaks out.

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