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Amy, What You Gonna Do?

The teams suit up and get on the balance beams. Everyone is wobbling around before they even start walking. Amy P. falls in after only a few steps. Vicky ends up in the water soon after. Phil, meanwhile, is rocking out and is about halfway around the circle. Heba falls off of the balance beam, which means it's only Brady left for the Blue Team. Coleen wobbles and falls in the water. Phil has almost completed a revolution and tells Michelle and Renee that they need to start moving. They do, but slowly, as Phil gets a point for the Black Team. Just as Brady is about to complete his lap he falls in the water, which means that they can only try again if the Black Team members all fall off of the beam. Vicky says that the good news is they can watch the Black Team torture themselves for the next twelve hours. That's actually kind of funny. But then she ruins it, as she is wont to do. Phil asks the Blue Team not to talk, but Vicky yells back that they love to talk. Amy C. agrees with the strategy of heckling the crap out of them until they all fall. Coleen does not appreciate the smack talking, and totally calls Vicky on saying something stupid. Vicky then denies saying it, because that's how she rolls. If Top Model has taught me one thing, it's that you need to own your shade if you're going to throw it.

Michelle, Renee and Phil all complete a revolution, and before you know it the Black Team has seven points. The points rack up and rack up, but at 15 points Michelle falls in the water, leaving Renee and Phil to complete the remaining 10 laps. Amy P. is conflicted as to whether she can cheer on Phil. Phil gets a little wobbly and so decides to take off into a run, which cracks Sami up. Sadly, his strategy does not work and Renee is on her own. If she hits the water, everyone gets to get back on the rings. Renee has to remind herself to breathe and take it all step by step. She gets the Black Team up to 24 points, and then 25! Go Renee! She did nine laps by herself, which is pretty impressive. The Blue Team is pissed and pouty at their 25 to 0 trouncing. Michelle is proud and surprised that her mom led them to victory. Renee tells us that victory is sweet. Ew, and then there's more Vicky. She tells Sami that you win some and you lose some, and that she thought the prize was kind of lame and didn't even want it. Wow, she must really hate her kids, huh? She says that she didn't think her team should have done the challenge at all. She then tries to make herself into a hero, saying that her team really wanted the prize so she gave it a shot. A pretty pathetic shot, but there you go. Vicky interviews, and I quote, "Seeing a video of my kids again, you know, really didn't mean that much." Wow. Maybe Jillian will give those kids a free session or two with her mom. Vicky tells us that she doesn't feel pride when she wins a challenge that's that trivial. She is so stank, drinking her smug, sour-grape juice.

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