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Amy, What You Gonna Do?

Back at the ranch, Vicky and Brady go in to see Heba. There is some gossiping going on. Apparently, Phil had one of his great judgment calls and tried to bond with Brady by telling him that Amy (Phil's wife) really needs to stay, and that Brady and Vicky could send Heba's ass packing with minimal effort. He then apparently expounded on why Heba is such a pain in the butt. Heba thinks that Phil has hate in his heart, and doesn't know where it comes from. She also thinks that he's an idiot, which he is. Brady is wondering if Amy P. has something to do with this, because Phil's not smart enough to do it on his own. Everyone agrees that she probably does. They're prepared to boot her if the opportunity arises.

Weigh-ins! Vicky says that this is a win-win situation for her. If her team wins, she's not going home, and if they lose she's not going home, so it doesn't matter to her. The worst thing about Vicky is that she's not even an amusing, fun type of bitch.

The Black Team weighs in first, with Renee starting. She goes from 232 to 225 for a loss of 7 pounds. Well done! Michelle weighs in next, thinking that she'll never be able to match or beat her mom. She goes from 209 to 202, also for a loss of 7! Oh, yay. Then there's Coleen. She's hoping for at least 5 pounds. She goes from 187 to 179, for a loss of 8! Whoa! That is seriously impressive. Jillian's team is kicking booty. Coleen feels great inside, and gives a shout-out to her team for all their support. Phil is last to weigh in for the Black Team. Phil goes from 279 to 272 for a loss of 7. For him, that number is okay but not stellar. He's a bit nervous about his safety. The Black Team has lost a total of 29 pounds, or 3.20%. The Blue Team will have to have lost more than 36 pounds between them. Brady shows us that he has a handle on basic addition and subtraction, which is kind of a surprise.

Amy C. is up first on the scale for the Blue Team. She goes from 199 to 193 for a loss of 6. It's a good number. Heba is next up. Bob has high hopes for a big loss, since she's a big girl. Heba goes from 258 to 253 for a loss of 5. Bob starts to worry. Next is Vile Vicky. She's like the embodiment of a Garbage Pail Kid. Vicky goes from 211 to 203 for a loss of 8. Oh, I hate when she does well. She thinks she's the greatest. The Blue Team has so far lost 19 pounds. Amy P. and Brady need to have lost more than 17 pounds between the two of them. Amy P. knows that if her team loses, she's in danger of being eliminated. She goes from 193 to 191, for a loss of 2. She starts to tear up, and Phil looks a bit gobsmacked. Amy says she feels like she let Bob down. His heart is breaking when he sees her face fall apart. He tells her that she was fantastic all week, and that the 2 pounds does not reflect her effort. He also gives props to her great personality, which is a bit of an anomaly on her team. The Blue Team all give Amy a group hug, and then Phil walks over into Blue territory and gives her a big hug, too. Of course, this all leaves Brady having to lose more than 15 pounds. He tries to be confident, even though it's a tall order. Brady goes from 286 to 283, for a loss of 3. Well, then! Everybody is shocked, and Bob wonders what the hell is going on. Bob notes that Vicky is the biggest loser of the week, and Brady lost 3 pounds. He wonders if they're playing some game that he doesn't know about. If Vicky's smirk and Brady's bad acting are any indication, Bob might be on to something. In any case, the Blue Team lost 24 pounds, or 2.09%. They'll have to boot someone. Amy P. looks especially tragic right now. Bob tells her to be strong. She cries some more.

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