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Amy, What You Gonna Do?

Back at the house, Amy P. pleads her case before Amy C. and Heba. Amy P. says she knows she's a target because she had a low number this week. Hateful Heba tells Amy that that's not why she's a target. She's a target because her husband got on Heba's bad side. She alludes to the gossip, saying that Phil was after her. Amy P. assures Heba that she had nothing to do with that and in fact doesn't even know what she's talking about. Heba exclaims that Phil doesn't like her, and she's sick of him stirring shit up. Phil is screwing Amy, she says, by not shutting his fucking mouth. It's all about Heba all the time, isn't it? I mean Phil is kind of a dumb-ass, too, but still. Amy P. says that she is not Phil. Heba just rolls her eyes. Amy P. points out that Brady's had a low percentage three weeks in a row. Brady and Heba want her to get it straight that it was two weeks in a row. Really, it doesn't even matter what Amy says, because the others have made up their collective half-witted mind. Amy P. points out that her work in the gym doesn't mean anything because of the Hateful Alliance. They deny that there's an "official" alliance. Vicky smirks, and interviews that they've had an alliance since day one. She adds that she's not sure if everyone is there to play the game or if they just want to lose weight. As an afterthought, she says that that's honorable, too. Heba interviews that Amy P. is a threat, as she's been pulling high numbers all along, but adds that Brady hasn't really been losing all the weight he should. She says she has some thinking to do. That explains the burning smell.

Elimination! Vicky votes for Amy P., because she's married to Phil. Ditto for Brady. Amy C. starts crying, and says that her decision was strictly based on numbers. She voted for Brady. Amy P. of course voted for Brady, too. This leaves it all down to Heba. She says the decision was harder than she expected to be, and that she went back and forth. She chose to protect herself by voting for Amy P. She insincerely says that she's sorry. Amy P. is eliminated. She says she's sad to be leaving Phil behind, adding that she disagrees with Brady and Vicky's theory that her ouster will hurt him. Rather, she thinks Phil will be out for blood. I hope so.

In her exit interview, Amy tells us how far she's come, and how proud she is of her own strength. She's a person who always sees the glass as half-full, and happened to be stuck on a half-empty team. She promises to keep playing the game, and notes that while Heba thinks that Ed's going to win the $100,000 at home prize, a certain little South Carolina girl is going to give him a run for his money. The next time we see her, she says, we won't even recognize her, because she'll be little, tiny, and the best-looking 41-year-old we've ever seen. We catch up with Amy at home. When she started the show, she was a size 20. Now she's a size 8! Boo-yah! Her life has really improved. She feels like she's a much better mom, and even goes horseback riding now! She says that before, she would have been concerned for the horse. Hee. Amy also explains that horses have a calming influence on autistic children, and we see Rhett telling us how much he loves his new skinny mom. Amy tells us that when Rhett was diagnosed with autism, she gave up a lot of dreams for him and herself. But now those dreams are coming back to her, and she's really excited about it. Oh, yay!

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