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Question 4: Complete this sentence: Over the past three decades, the childhood obesity rate in America has...a) decreased; b) doubled; c) tripled; d) stayed the same. Turns out it tripled. Okay, Junior, don't only put down the Ho-Hos but go do jumping jacks or something. Everyone got that one right, so there's still a tie score. The final question is: Of the parents of obese children, what percentage think their child is normal weight or underweight? Well, these are the same parents who feed their children butter-fried lard, so I imagine this number is going to be alarming. Indeed, it is 75%. The Red Team is the only one to get this right, so they're safe. There's a tiebreaker question between the Blue and White Teams: What percentage of daily calories for children aged 2-18 years is wasted on sugars and solid fats? Each has to guess a number, and the team that's closest will win. The Blue Team guesses 68%, and the White Team guesses 55%. The correct answer is 40%, and so the White Team finally gets a break. The Blue Team dreads telling Bob how they're going to be locked up with hot dogs and back episodes of The Bachelor.

We cut to the gym, where Dolvett is working out his awesome Red Team, who have won both weigh-ins. They think they have a target on their backs, so are determined to work even harder this week to avoid danger. Meanwhile, the Blue Team heads to the Room of Delicious Crap. Jeff is having déjà vu, since he lives in his mom's basement where all there is to do is play computer games and eat Ring Dings. A really bad type of déjà vu, I guess. Michael is worried, but Alex comes up with a brilliant scheme. She pours orange juice over all the food in the room so that it's less appealing. Though you COULD muster up a taste for orange-glazed chicken wings if you thought about it a little. Meanwhile, in the gym, Jillian tells Bob about the Room of Delicious Crap and how his team is sequestered there. Bob is such a cool customer that he just takes it in stride, and starts scheming about how to make this work to the Blue Team's advantage. He makes fun of Jillian's dramatic ways for a while before picking her up, throwing her on his shoulders, and doing step-ups. And I'll tell you, science is for nothing if it doesn't facilitate these two having a baby together.

Speaking of Jillian, she thinks her team's situation is so tragic that it's almost funny. ALMOST. The minimized team has finally hit their stride, with Danni and Pam coming to work, and Jillian not constantly berating them. Meanwhile, on the Red Team, Cate is starting to lose her momentum. Dolvett is not having it, since Cate hasn't put up a truly fantastic number. He thinks -- shocker! -- that it might have something to do with her head. He wants her to lose weight in her brain...or something. Dolvett takes Cate outside and she just cries and cries. She says that she looked in a mirror and didn't see anything wrong. In and of itself, that's not exaaaaaactly a terrible thing, if you put it in the frame of body acceptance. But it doesn't really sound like there was a whole lot of accepting actually going on. Cate had a thing called "fat Tuesdays," where she worked out with her personal trainer and then kind of recreated the Room of Delicious Crap in her own home. Dolvett says that he needs Cate to want this more than he wants it for her, and she gives him a big hug. See, Dolvett can be nice to people without going through the whole thing of making them feel like a worthless piece of dung and blowing out an eardrum in the process.

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