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Bob then finds the Room of Delicious Crap. He enters to find his entire Blue Team napping. He wakes them up and gives them a lecture, telling them that they're strong enough to handle this situation. Back in the gym, Jillian invites Francelina to come and workout with the White Team. Francelina is curious, so takes her up on the offer. And then Dr. Phillian emerges with a vengeance, asking Francelina why she loses weight then puts it back on, and getting her to cry within 10 seconds. It all has to do with Francelina's dad, apparently. He was "hot and cold" when she was growing up, and when he passed away Francelina felt guilty over her sense of relief mixed with sadness. Jillian asks if he was an alcoholic, and it turns out that he was. Francelina tells us that her guilt is killing her, and she eats so she doesn't have to deal with it. Jillian reminds her that parents aren't all good or all bad, and nothing is black and white. She tells Francelina that she needs to forgive her dad, and also herself, by trying to understand her dad. If Francelina can manage this issue, says Jillian, she can have an amazing life and do amazing things, and also, I'm assuming, get real skinny. Jillian now loves Francelina and wants her to defect!

Back in the Room of Delicious Crap, the Blue Team members are starting to really get freaked out. And Bob has left them to go Skype with Biingo. He lets Biingo know that he's sending out a pediatrician and childhood obesity expert named Dr. Joanna. She's also a nutritionist, and Bob wants Biingo (and, by extension, the other kids) to listen to her very closely. And then we follow Dr. Joanna as she visits all the kids. First she asks Biingo what he does at home (play video games) and for how many hours (NINE). His mother clarifies that he can only play for nine hours per day on the weekend. Oh, okay. During the week, he plays for a measly five. I have to say I feel a little bad for the parents of these kids, who are probably completely stressed about the judgment of the entire country that will be foisted upon them. Well, that's what happens when you let your kids be raised by a stick of salami.

Biingo acknowledges that he eats while playing video games, and Dr. Joanna says that when you're not concentrating on what you're eating, you eat 25% more calories than when you're sitting at the dinner table. As someone who has eaten whole boxes of Girl Scout Cookies while recapping this stupid show, I concur. Dr. Joanna then tells Biingo that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no more than two hours of screen time a day. Biingo is clearly not thrilled with this news, but agrees to cut down on the video games. He doesn't specifically commit to two hours, because he is sly like that.

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