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Dr. Joanna then visits Sunny, who is a vegetarian. Dr. Joanna explains that she sees a lot of vegetarian kids who are actually "carbatarians." She'd like the family to move from simple to complex carbs, eating brown rice and whole grain bread. Sunny is totally on board with this, and looking forward to working with her mom and Dr. Joanna to eat healthier. We then cut to Lindsay's house, where Dr. Joanna delivers the news that Lindsay has pre-diabetes. The majority of children who have pre-diabetes will get regular ol' diabetes within two years if they don't make changes to their health habits. Proper nutrition and exercise are the medicine for this problem, and it can all be reversed. Dr. Joanna goes into Lindsay's family's kitchen to cut the junk, and is immediately faced with a big tray of cookies. She throws them in the trash, which, if you ask me, is a waste of perfectly good cookies. You could donate those to the needy recappers! We see Dr. Joanna go through a similar process with Biingo and Sunny and...I mean, what if these families are poor? Is she going to hook them up with some Whole Foods gift cards? The parents all feel terrifically bad about themselves. Dr. Joanna is REALLY annoying, and not just because she is forcing innocent families to go to the food bank.

The Blue Team's time in sequestration is almost up, which is a good thing since Jeff has resorted to sniffing his shoes to pass the time. How many calories do you think that burns? It's late and all the other teams have worked out, but Bob still waits for them. Gina tells us that sitting in front of the TV for hours really saps your motivation to work out. Well, I wouldn't know anything about that. Bob is starting to get really concerned about the weigh-in, and Michael tells us that it's going to be a long week.

With that, it's challenge time! A carnival is set up, and Danni -- who apparently is a woman after my own heart -- wonders where to find the funnel cake stand. Each team has a giant gumball machine. One at a time team members will get a gumball from the machine, and will have to take it across the bubble gum pit. The bubble gum pit may sound like some sort of magical Willy Wonka type creation, but in fact it is a giant pink slime-looking pool. I can't imagine it's actually bubble gum, but it's probably viscous and sticky and disgusting nonetheless. David and Pam haven't been medically cleared to participate in this challenge, so Danni (who otherwise would be on her own) will join the Blue Team. Every player on the winning team will get a year's worth of groceries. And they didn't even get all their food thrown away! This is sponsored by the Fruits and Veggies More Matters campaign, and also the Biggest Loser brand carrots, celery, and apples. Yes, the Biggest Loser now has a product for people who have so much fat in their brains that they can't recognize vegetables. There are three trivia questions inside each bag, and if you don't get them right you are forced to purchase a box of Biggest Loser ShameCakes. Coming in 2014: Biggest Loser Oxygen!

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