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And then it's the last day of the Blue Team's exile in the Room of Delicious Crap. Can't they walk in place or something instead of sitting on their duffs? Bob apparently has the same thought, and decides to host the last chance workout in the room. And this is after they're technically free to go! Bob develops some sort of workout routine that involves a deck of cards. Since David has limitations, being on crutches and all, Bob sends him outside to the exercise bikes. The others have to do burpees and squats and the like. Why didn't he teach them how to do this at the beginning of the week? He was in the room and everything!

With that, it's weigh-in time. There's no red line this week -- we're back to yellow lines and emotionally fraught deliberations from the losing team. The player on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight loss has immunity. Since there are only two of them, if the White Team loses, the player with the lowest percentage of weight lost will automatically go home. The Blue Team weighs in, with Jeff going first on the scale. He goes from 359 to 348, for a loss of 11 pounds. Bob thinks that's a great number and is proud. Alex goes from 225 to 221, for a loss of 4 pounds. She thinks it's decent considering all the time spent in the Room of Delicious Crap. David goes from 278 to 272, for a loss of 6 pounds. Not bad for a dude on crutches. Michael is next, and goes from 409 to 396, for a loss of 13 pounds. He's totally pumped, and thrilled to be under 400. He says that he's working on the inside as well as the outside, so he won't ever see 400 again. Then there's Gina, who goes from 223 to 215, for a loss of 8 pounds. The Blue Team has lost 42 pounds total, or 2.81%. A pretty good showing all around!

The Red Team weighs in next, which causes Pam to freak out about the fact that the White Team is weighing in last. What she doesn't factor in is that the goal of the show is to make production decisions to maximize her freak outs. Francelina is first on the scale, and goes from 242 to 237, for a loss of 5 pounds. Joe is next, and goes from 326 to 317, for a loss of 9 pounds. He'll take it, but wanted a bigger number. Dolvett tells him to be proud. Jackson is next, and goes from 302 to 300, for a loss of only 2 pounds. Jackson cries and says that he doesn't know what he's doing wrong. Dolvett tells him he's not doing anything wrong. He's still losing weight, and is on the right path. Dolvett says that Jackson has the right attitude, and he loves him for that. Jackson has to keep fighting. Oh my God, I want to bone Dolvett so hard right now. What a lovely human being, and not just because of his abs. Cate is next, and goes from 220 to 218, for a loss of 2 pounds. There was a production glitch on this one that had a closeup of the number "223," but 218 seems to be the correct number. Cate is super bummed, and Lisa is last to weigh in. She goes from 225 to 223, also for a loss of 2 pounds. The Red Team is hitting some kind of a plateau this week, eh? Dolvett says that the numbers aren't reflective of the work that was put in, and that he couldn't ask for more as a trainer. The Red Team has collectively lost 20 pounds, or 1.52%.

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