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Previously: The contestants got makeovers and showed off their new looks at home! To make the situation even better, everyone succeeded in the challenge to lose 5% of their body weight and thus made it to another week of torture... and triumphs. Celebrate good times, come on!

We enter with the contestants celebrating post weigh-in and showing us their best/worst dance moves. Jeff jokingly points out to Danni that she had the lowest percentage lost in the weigh-in, so in fact does not win everything. He neglects to point out that she is completely skinny already and STILL lost ten pounds. Danni and Gina fist-bump to being the biggest losers overall. Gina tells us that she and Danni both lost enough to keep them alive for another week, but didn't really lose any more than they had to. In comparison, the guys went balls-to-the-wall and lost really big numbers, which may make things more difficult for them this week. We are reminded that there will be a red line this week, with the person below it being eliminated. The two who have the lowest percentage of weight lost beyond the red line will fall under a yellow line and will have to face America's vote. And you know what bitches we all can be.

The contestants head up to the gym and see the trainers standing in the same positions as they were on day one. Except now no one is throwing up and/or fainting! Triumph of the spirit. The kids are on campus for this final week, too, and sit down with the trainers for a film screening. And yes, it is a movie of montages to see how far they have come! Sunny is treated to footage of herself crying, while Biingo sees himself talking about how his weight holds him back in sports and how he's hurt by the mean comments of others. Lindsay watches herself mournfully watching cheerleaders. Of course Jillian rather enjoys watching herself talk about childhood obesity, but both Lindsay and Jillian cry when they watch Lindsay address her school assembly with an anti-bullying message.

And then there are triumphs of the spirit, kid-style! And makeovers! These bring on the smiles, thank goodness. Lindsay is the cutest and talks about how the new Lindsay is kicking the old Lindsay in the butt. And everyone is feeling much better off than they were previously. Sunny tells us that it's great to look back and see how she's changed not only physically, but emotionally and mentally. Biingo says that he's learned a lot too, particularly about not giving up and being willing to push yourself. Jillian commends Lindsay for being brave enough to address her peers, and says that it inspires her as a 38-year-old woman. Wait, Jillian is only 38? I always assumed she was more or less a vampire who is actually 6,038 years old, retaining her youthful glow by feasting on the sweat of obese virgins.

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