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It's then time for Gina to watch her montage. And wow, she really looked so much different. We see her talk about what her husband's next wife will be like once he's widowed, and then are treated to a greatest hits roll of Gina's nasty attitude and Bob's subsequent pep talks. When she started on the ranch, Gina says, she was afraid of everything. But now she's a completely changed person, and overcame obstacles in a way that she never thought possible. Heavy Gina tells her current self to take her life back now, and make sure she sticks with it for the rest of her life. Bob tells Gina that there's nothing that can stop her now. And if this world runs out of lovers, they'll still have each other.

Jeff is next in the screening room, and we see his larger self lamenting the fact that he still lives in his mom's basement, and talking about how he thinks that losing weight would cause his late father be proud of him. We are reminded of Jeff's tendency to hold back and set small goals so he doesn't experience failure, which Bob was determined to squash. And Jeff was happy to be pushed, and have someone who believed in him more than he believed in himself. Jeff tears up at multiple points during the video, including when his heavier self hopes that he's now learned to love himself and let others love him, because learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Jeff tells Bob that he knew without this experience he wouldn't be able to change. Bob tears up a little as he explains how upsetting it was to see the pre-Loser Jeff eating popcorn in his mom's basement with a vacant look in his eye, as if he'd already given up on life. He wants Jeff to know that there's a great world waiting for him. Teach them well and let them lead the way, Bob!

And then there's Joe. We are reminded that he was formerly a football star, and worried that he'd end up with the same health problems that have plagued his father. Dolvett pushed Joe hard as a former athlete, and Joe saw the results on the scale, and also when he wore a fly ensemble after his makeover. Heavier Joe knows how amazing it is to have his body, health, and self-awareness back, and warns him not to lose it again. Dolvett tells Joe that he's lost a lot more than weight.

And then Danni watches her video. We see Jillian dump a bucket of water over Danni's head, and Danni cries from post-traumatic stress. God, Jillian was really an asshole in the early weeks of this season. She's smiling SO HARD watching it too, because she truly believes that her best self is her most obnoxious self. She claimed she was trying to activate Danni's inner fire, which I guess eventually worked. Danni asked for a reminder that she's not pathetic, which Jillian did not stand for. And then Danni pushed some truck tires around, and won every challenge ever, and looked amazing. Heavier Danni hopes that skinny Danni is confident now and cognizant of her accomplishments, and knows that she can keep going. Jillian tells current Danni that she found herself, and soared, and became everything Jillian had hoped she'd be. She's a hero, with full Mariah Carey belt. Danni tells us that The Biggest Loser gave her back her life. Hopefully it will give her $250,000 as well!

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