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With Jeff and Danni in the final two, Jackson and Joe will have to vie for America's vote. Ali announces that all of the finalists will get to spend a week at one of the Biggest Loser resorts, and the next time we'll see them is at the finale. The contestants reflect on their time at the ranch quite positively as they walk out of the gym for the last time. And then Ali entreats us to vote for either Jackson (Obviously! Come on, people!) or Joe (also good, but not as adorable as Jackson). And...okay. You know I love Jackson, but I would now like to put in a bid for a write-in campaign for "Jillian's puffy shirt" to be the third finalist. In the big finale reveal, a regular white crew neck t-shirt will come bursting on stage! You can vote on the NBC website, and next Monday we'll learn who gets the vote, and who will be the Biggest Loser.

We catch up with Gina, who started at 245 pounds when she first came on the ranch, and now weighs 145 pounds. She lost 100 freaking pounds and feels incredible. Gina tells us that her weight was a huge insecurity in her marriage, but now she can not only keep up with her husband, but outdo him! And Gina takes her kids to breakfast at Subway, because most important meal of the day is product placement. Gina's goal is to be the at-home Biggest Loser, and she very well might do it.

Next week: it's the live finale! Including confetti that will spray out of Jillian's sleeves.

If you're looking for Potes, she's crying for help from the bowels of Jillian's puffy sleeve. Tweet her @traciepotes or email for more tales of horror.

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