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We're a Fat Family

Jillian's last team is a father/daughter duo from Cleveland, OH. (Cleveland Rocks!) Jerry's an overweight police sergeant. Coleen is a daddy's girl who wants him to walk her down the aisle... eventually. Unlike last season's irksome daddy/daughter pair whose name I can't be bothered to look up, Jerry actually seems to want to be here... and really seems proud of his daughter. Jill tosses them in the back of a squad car. And she requests a gun. Do not give this woman a weapon. I love her. But I'm kinda afraid of her too.

Now the teams are at the ranch, talking about being all revved up. They all think they have what it takes. Unlikely. And we're off to a commercial where Brita is saving the world. How long until Bob or Jillian shows the houseguests the magic of this wonderful filtration system? Before the end of the episode, or will they wait until next week? Ooh... the suspense is killing me.

Ali (a.k.a. Sami) greets the teams and gets down to business by trying to figure out how she'll possibly be able to differentiate between two guys named Tom. Little Tom says he likes L.T. Then they head into the gym for the weigh-in. Big Tom (who doesn't like to be called B.T.... at least that he's mentioned) says he's never been to a gym before. And cop Jerry is already looking for a bench to sit on. Not a great start.

The gym's gotten a makeover. There's a big yellow divider that separates Jillian's parents and kids teams vs. Bob's husbands and wives. They have to cross the line to get to the scales. Bob and Jillian make a big entrance. The folks step up on the scale. Here's the stats:
Michelle's 242. Renee is 267. Team Pink starts at 509 lbs. There are tears.
Jerry's 380 and it's all he can do to go up the little steps. Coleen is 218. The Yellow team starts off at 598 lbs.
Amy weighs in at 239. Shellay's 216. Team Purple's starting total is 455 lbs.
Other Amy is 229 and her hubby Phil is 331. Together the Red team is 560 lbs.
Stacey is 221. Adam is 340. Team Green kicks things off at 561 lbs.
Vicky is 246. Brady's 341 (and so far has the best man boobs of the season). The Brown team totals 587 lbs.
Heba starts off at 294. Ali informs her she's the heaviest woman. I think she probably figured that out. Ed's 335. Team Orange (just like their cheese doodle snacks!) is 629 lbs.
Tom is 314. L.T. (who is far from little and should seriously reconsider his nickname) is 357. The Grey team is the biggest at 671. But on the plus side, sort of, Tom is the skinniest guy there.

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