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Ali turns Bob and Jillian loose. They make tracks for the gym and put their people on the treadmill. Jillian's threatening to freak out if she sees anyone with their hands holding the rails. Oh, and she's pissed off that somehow she's got a rep as the nice one. She's out to correct that error in judgment. Yay. Mean Jillian. This has potential. Bob talks about how they watch the show with their chips. I swear he's looking right at me. It's a Skinny Cow ice-cream bar, Bob... that's got to count for something.

Jillian's climbing on people and making one of the purple girls cry. Big Tom has the nerve to complain. Jillian informs him that they can do it her way, or her way mad. I like her way mad. Let's do that! She gives him tough love because L.T. is hyperventilating on the treadmill. Over on Bob's side, Ed's practically foaming at the mouth. Phil's belching. So far Jillian's side is way less gross.

Jerry falls off the treadmill. He says he's rolling like a donut. He apologizes to Jillian, after the medics give him a once over. Jillian responds with some tough love. To his credit, he does get back on the horse. Jillian can't decide if she's being too mean. Then she tells him not to get off the treadmill unless he's dead. He just "yes ma'ams" her... because that's all he's got the breath capacity for. Coleen gets a lecture from Jillian about how she's got to step it up. And just in case we thought she was nice, she tells the group in no uncertain terms, "Unless you faint, puke or die... keep walking!"

Dr. Huizenga puts Jerry on the exam table. Doc tells him he's one of the sickest people ever to be on the show. He's got every warning sign ever. Apparently. The Doctor tells Jillian that Jerry can only do 30 minutes of exercise per day. Jillian tells him he needs to be a fighter. Jerry pretty much tells her he's going to follow her lead.

The teams get settled into their color-coordinated rooms. They get headphones and some sort of little MP3 player looking thing, but no reasoning why. Perhaps it's so they can drown out the cries of pain and puking coming from around the house.

The next AM, they're outside and standing at the foot of a big hill. Ali's there all decked out in cowboy chic, pointing at biplanes which have different luxury prizes on flags behind them. The planes drop the rewards (and one penalty) and the teams have to run a mile, in the heat, to get their prizes. Tom and Jerry (ha!) don't get to compete because of medical reasons, so their partners are on their own.

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Biggest Loser




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