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Ed's angry. He doesn't know what they did wrong. Stacey's crying because she lost the least of everyone. Adam's like, nine pounds is still a lot. He's so supportive. The other teams try and figure out who to vote off. Heba leaves Bob's book behind, in case they get voted out... she wants him to sign it. I'm so baffled by these people. What is him signing a book going to do for you? Wasn't having him as a trainer for a week enough? Ed doesn't feel the need to defend himself to the house. He thinks his actions speak for themselves. Perhaps he should listen to what's going on around him, because basically the housemates agree that everyone worked hard. Ed looks like he wants to punch someone. In the elimination room, Ali talks about how hard this is. Team Brown votes for...


...the Green team. At least the Brown team apologizes. Team Red casts their vote against the Green Team too. The Toms have two votes, and the cast them both against the Green team. Stacey has tears trickling down her face; Adam looks sad too. They both graciously wish everyone the best of luck. They say they'll be there with the other teams in spirit. Ali sends them off, and their fridge is shut down. They interview that they're proud of what they accomplished. I'm feeling bad that my "I like these people" enthusiasm got them kicked off early. The same thing happened to Brian on Big Brother this season. I need to start watching impassively and not root for people. Stacey and Adam promise that the next time we see them they'll be "sizzling." Which they cutely do together with a sizzle noise. Seriously, could they be any cuter?

Fast forward to present time... Damn. They weren't lying. Stacey went from 221 to 175. Adam weighed 340 and now weighs 286. I'm thinking they'll be contenders for the "lose at home" prize, if they do that again this season. That's something. They like running together. They've motivated people at their work to lose weight. They're just really sweet. I'm sorry they're gone so soon.

Discuss this episode in our forums, then... I don't know, go out and jog or something.

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