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ng to her -- suck it up, she says. Mystery Trainer #1 tells us that he's one of the most qualified and best trainers in the country, and isn't about getting a quick Band-Aid fix. This is about these people losing weight and keeping it off for the rest of their lives. Jesus, okay already! All of these voiceovers are coupled with shots of the trainers in silhouette doing athletic shit. The contestants with the unknown trainers certainly seem like they've been through some beatings, so I guess that's good.

Back on the regular campus, Arthur lays down for a little rest. Bob implores him to get up, and then Jillian yells at him to get up. Arthur is in pain, and says he needs something for his leg. Jillian tells him that she has something for his leg -- a treadmill. Just as Bob is talking about how unfit his crop this year is, Arthur screams, "Oooh!" steps off the treadmill, and then just falls the fuck over like a weeble-wobble that does not pop back up. I guess maybe when you have a lot of fat to cushion your landing you can do that. Bob goes over to see what happened, and Jillian, who has a real sympathy deficit, tells him that Arthur just stood up and purposely fell down. Arthur complains a lot about his leg, but Bob and Jillian do not even give two shits. Jesse says that it was hard to see Arthur just tip over, and that he wanted to go over and help him. However, helping Arthur could mean denying him his growth. Also, I wouldn't want to tangle with Bob and Jill at this early stage.

It takes a while, but with some assistance Arthur finally gets up off the floor. Bob takes him for a walk outside. They talk about how much weight Arthur has lost so far, and how far he has to go. Bob asks Arthur how he got to be over 600 pounds. Arthur says he was a real good athlete -- all-American football player, baseball player and wrestler. But then he stopped moving. And apparently ate a lot of cheeseburgers. And then one day he woke up and watched one of those shows where they fork lift people out of their houses, and realized that he was that guy. Losing another 300 pounds seems like an insurmountable task, and Bob says that it can mess with his head. What he needs to think about is what he needs to do today. Arthur is happy to know that Bob has his back, and that he's being trained by the best in the world.

Jillian, meanwhile, pulls up to the gym in a pickup truck and beeps. Bob wonders what fresh hell awaits. The very tired contestants walk over and learn that they have to push the truck with Bob bouncing in the truck bed. Jillian steers, and Bob notes that this is a great way to get a tour of the ranch. The contestants are too exhausted to complain. Inspirational music plays as they push the truck up a hill. To add to your at-home game: take a drink every time inspirational music plays!

And then it's weigh-in time, for the second time this episode. Take a drink every time someone steps on or off a giant scale! See, I am just trying to turn you all into alcoholics. The Jillian and Bob teams learn from Sami that the other Mystery Trainer teams have just weighed in. The team that lost the most weight, Rulon and Justin, lost 59 pounds. Moses himself lost 41 pounds, and then made some sort of inspirational speech. That's the most weight lost in one week by a contestant ever in the history of the show. Olivia and Hannah tell us that they were just hoping to lose more than one pound, and meanwhile someone got up there and lost a kindergartener or a bulldog. A fair bit of weight, in other words.

The Aqua Team is first to weigh in. Courtney goes from 323 pounds to 308, for a loss of 15 pounds, while Marci goes from 238 to 224 for a loss of 14. Time to treat yourself to a Blizzard, ladies. They've lost 5.17% total. The Blue Team is next on the scale. They need to have lost more than 41 pounds to best the Aqua Team. Arthur goes from 507 pounds to 476, for a loss of 31 pounds. He lets out a celebratory whoop before looking over to see that his dad is not whooping. Jesse has gone from 293 to 286 pounds, for a loss of 7. That's barely a newborn. Jesse worries that he's let his son down. They've lost 38 pounds or 4.75%. Next is the Green Team. They need to have lost more than 32 pounds to be guaranteed another week. Jen goes from 278 to 258, for a loss of 20 pounds, while Jay goes from 400 to 374, for a loss of 26 pounds. Whoa! That's 6.78%.

The Purple Team sisters are next. To stay safe, they need to have lost more than 24 pounds. Hannah goes from 248 to 232, for a loss of 16 pounds, while Olivia goes from 261 to 245, also for a loss of 16 pounds. Almost a bulldog! That's 6.29%. The ladies of the Orange Team weigh-in next. Ana notes that she passed out during the first workout, so is a bit concerned. She and Irene need to have lost more than 24 pounds to make it to another week. Ana goes from 255 to 246 for a loss of 9 pounds, while Irene goes from 255 to 242 for a loss of 13. They didn't quite do it, and so are in danger. Bob says that Ana did a fantastic job, and should feel proud of what she did this week. The Orange Team lost 4.31%. This means that the Blue Team will definitely live to see another week.

The Black Team is last to weigh in. They need to lose more than 25 pounds to be guaranteed another week on campus. Dan goes from 287 to 268, for a loss of 19 pounds, while Don goes from 309 to 288, for a loss of 21. That's 40 pounds total, and they've more than earned their safety with a 6.71% loss. This means that the Orange Team has fallen below the yellow line and Ana and Irene are up for elimination. Ana feels guilty, while Irene sulks.

Ana and Irene both seem to feel that the other person needs to be on campus more and deserves to stay. The other teams vote. The Aqua Team votes to send mom Ana home. Jennifer says that it's important to respect the wishes of a parent, and so the Green Team also has voted to send Ana home. The Purple Team says that Irene implored them to keep her mother, and so they voted for Irene. The Blue Team's decision was based on what they thought would be best for the Orange Team members. Though Irene wanted her mom to stay, they're fathers and voted for Ana. Irene cries and Ana hugs her. It's all very sad, even though we've learned absolutely nothing about these two. Ana tells Irene that she loves her with all her heart and breath. She's planning to go home and take care of herself and seek help and support while doing so. Irene says she's supporting Ana, even though she's not there physically.

When Ana first started on the show she weighed 255 pounds. Now, she weighs 205 pounds, for a total loss of 50 pounds! Good for her. Ana has been with the postal service for 30 years, and her weight has kept her from carrying mail over the last few years. Now, she can work an 8 -- 10 hour day on the mail route and not be in pain. Also, bonus exercise! Ana is single, and tells us that she hasn't been out on one date in nine years because she didn't feel comfortable. Now, she's finding new ways to burn calories between work and her social life. She loves salsa dancing, and may meet her match on the dance floor. Ana says that The Biggest Loser has given her the chance, courage and motivation to take control and take charge of her life so that she can start enjoying it. Ana is loving her new life and hopes to lose over 100 pounds by the Finale.

Next week: If Bob and Jillian's peeps beat the Unknowns, they'll all get immunity!

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