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Allen is next, and needs to have lost more than 12 pounds to be safe. He goes from 243 to 238, for a loss of 5. Allen says that it's been a tough week. Jillian pulls her hair out and says that, at the weight Allen is at now, five is an unbelievable number. She tells him that he's 238 and solid as a rock. Allen appreciates that, but doesn't want to lose. The competition. He does still want to lose weight. Bob says that they need to keep Allen in a good head space, and prevent him from losing unhealthy amounts of weight to try to win the show. Allen has lost 2.06%.

Rebecca is next. She needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to be safe. She goes from 209 to 206 for a loss of 3. She starts to cry. Rebecca interviews that she's angry and shocked and sad. Bob's heart is broken as well. Rebecca's percentage is 1.44%. Danny and Rudy are both safe. Liz is next to weigh in. Rebecca's low numbers are freaking her out, and she foretells doom in her own weight loss. Liz needs to have lost more than 4 pounds to be safe. She goes from 206 to 203 for a loss of 3. She just shakes her head. But she's happy to be close to 200. Still, not looking good. Liz has lost 1.46%. This pushes Rebecca below the yellow line. Amanda is last to weigh in, and has to lose more than 2 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 202 to 193, for a loss of 9. Holy cow! Amanda is clearly thrilled. This is the most weight she's ever lost in a week. Amanda's percentage lost is 4.46%. This means that Liz is below the yellow line along with Rebecca.

The contestants caucus, and Liz tells the others that ultimately they have to decide who will push them. Rebecca wants to talk to Rudy and Allen, since she knows that they're the ones who are most up in the air. As Allen leaves with Rebecca, he tells Liz that she needs to show some fight if she wants to stay. Liz asks what else she can say, and Danny tells her that she needs to get some passion and say, "By God, I'll do whatever it takes." How she presents herself to Rudy and Allen could either keep her there or send her home. Rebecca tells Allen and Rudy that she can't tell them how to vote, but Liz has been under the yellow line three times compared to Rebecca's zero times. She cries and says that she doesn't want to be Liz in 25 years. Allen says that he sees two very strong competitors and determined people in Liz and Rebecca. It's a hard decision. Rebecca says that Liz got her second and third chance. She wants her second chance.

Meanwhile, Danny advises Liz to go find Allen and Rudy and plead her case. Liz enters their room and says she's there to fight. Allen asks how much Liz wants to be there. Liz says that she wants to be there, needs to be there, and deserves to be there. She's 49 years old, and this is her last chance. Rebecca is 25 and has lots of years to get her act together. And, I mean, 49 isn't all that old. Liz seems to think that she's already 112. She interviews that she has a good 20 years left of her life, and wants to live them to the fullest. I mean, living to 80 isn't such a stretch, is it? Jeez. Meanwhile, Rebecca blubbers some more about not wanting to go home.

Now it's time for the vote. Amanda of course votes for Liz, since Rebecca's her BFF. Danny of course votes for Rebecca. Sami reminds us that in the event of a tie, the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss will be eliminated. That's Rebecca. So if she gets one more vote, she's out. Rudy is next to vote, and says that it came down to trust. One person chose to play both sides of the fence when it was Blue versus Black, and Rudy lost his trust for her. That was Rebecca. With this, Rebecca has been eliminated. Sami asks if there was a specific instance that eroded Rudy's trust. He says that each team would have its own private discussions. Rebecca would always come to the Blue Team and discuss what the Black Team was discussing. Rebecca thinks this is bullshit, and is really upset about it. She says that if Rudy had trust issues with her, he should have told her five weeks ago. True enough. Rudy says that she should have been honest five weeks ago. And things go on from there in a very dramatic fashion. Rudy is such a shit stirrer! Rebecca is hurt, because Rudy is one of her closest friends there. She denies any wrongdoing. A Dr. Phillian intervention would be nice right about now.

It's time for Rebecca to say goodbye. She tells Amanda to push and get to the finals and beat all of the big boys. And then Rebecca tells us that when she came to the ranch, she weighed 279 pounds. Now, she weighs 206 pounds, and has lost 73 pounds. She's starting to become the person that she always knew she could be, and is now in the driver's seat of her life. She feels very fortunate to have stayed on the campus so long, and calls it the best experience of her life. The next time we see her, she says, she's going to look amazing as her journey continues at home. She's now the person she wanted to be her whole life.

Rebecca heads home to Des Moines, with a Biggest Loser sports bra racerback tan. Rebecca's mother, Shirley, bawls when she sees Rebecca. There's a big party for her, and Rebecca says that she's extra motivated. She throws out all of her huge clothes of yore. She can't wait to go shopping. We check in with Rebecca today, and she's running a half-marathon! She looks great, and got herself some styling running clothes. She wants all of us to know that we can run a half marathon if we want to. Eh, I'm all set, but thanks. Rebecca was always known for having a "pretty face," but now she's a pretty girl, head to toes. She cries as she nears the finish of her marathon, and talks some more about becoming the girl that she wanted to be. She thanks The Biggest Loser for an experience that has truly changed her life. Rebecca is training hard to be the at-home winner. After the Finale, she plans to pursue her dream of opening a gym for overweight children.

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