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Home, Sweets, Home
was at home. His grandma never woke up, and every day was a rollercoaster. It was stressful. He tried to fight against it, but isn't sure how successful he was. However, Bob is happy to see Michael working on a problem proactively instead of drowning his sorrows in a bowl of ice cream. The trainers learn of the challenge results, and seem happy for Koli. Koli tells us that he almost bought cupcakes to send to Drea, Lance and Michael so they could see what their ten grand bought.

Last chance workout! You know how it goes. Beatings, screaming, puking. Koli is on fire, and likes it. Ashley pukes twice, which is disconcerting. But she comes back and gets right on the treadmill. Maybe that's more disconcerting, actually. Ashley tells us that Jillian seems to get internal joy from making others puke. I believe it. O'Neal really enjoys having Bob as a motivator, and is grateful to have the campus experience. Lance admits that he felt guilty about not spending enough time with his family at home, so there were some days when he didn't work out. The main thing on his mind was Melissa, who seemed lost and confused. And psychotic, don't forget. Bob has a tete-a-tete with Lance and discusses his feelings of guilt. Lance is overwhelmed by it, and says that he felt like he was abandoning his wife and kids when he came back to campus. Bob tells Lance that he's not on vacation, but is working his ass off every single day for a purpose. Lance says that it feels good, and he knows that the guilty feeling is holding him back. Bob promises that this experience will make Lance a better husband and father, and Lance acknowledges that he's there not just for himself, but for his whole family.

Weigh-in! Same deal as usual. O'Neal is up first for the Blue Team. He goes from 302 to 295, for a loss of 7 pounds. He's pleased with that, and says it seems like he hasn't been under 300 pounds since the Beatles were boys. Sunshine is next, and goes from 216 to 208 for a loss of 8 pounds. She's also happy with her loss. Guilty Lance is next. He goes from 282 to 275 for a loss of 8 pounds. I think that was unexpected, and he sheds tears of relief. Everyone attributes their losses to the wonders of shoveling snow. Then there's Michael, who is nervous given the amount of stress he was under at home. He goes from 297 to 289, also for a loss of 8. It's the magic number for the Blue Team. Michael seems less than enthused about his number, but may just be generally depressed. He also explains that this is the least amount of weight he's lost in one week since he's been on the show. Koli is next, and goes from 297 to 287 for a loss of 10 pounds. He's a machine! The final person to weigh-in for the Blue Team is Daris. He's hoping that he has a similar big number to the rest of his teammates. Daris goes from 248 to 244, for a loss of 4 pounds. The calorie-burning effects of karaoke have been overestimated, I guess. I will be so sad if Daris gets the boot. The Blue Team has lost 45 pounds total, or 2.58%. The Black Team will have to have lost more than 26 pounds to best the Blue Team and stay safe. That's an average of 7 pounds apiece. They appear to have approximately zero percent chance of winning this weigh-in.

Drea is up first for the Black Team. She goes from 238 to 232, for a loss of 6 pounds. Not bad! Stephanie is next up, and goes from 208 to 199 for a loss of 9 pounds! Whoa! Stephanie is thrilled at such a giant loss, and also thrilled to be below 200. Sami tells her that she's awesome. Maybe the Black Team has a chance after all! Ashley is next on the scale. She goes from 286 to 276, for a loss of 10! Woo! Sami is clearly delighted at this turn of events. Bob, less so. The Black Team is two pounds away from winning this weigh-in, and Sam is the only person left. He hopes he's lost at least a damn pound. I hope so, too, unless it means that Daris will go home. Sam goes from 278 to 264 for a loss of 14 pounds! Have that with a side of cupcakes. Koli is thrilled, even though this means that the Blue Team will head to the elimination room. Sam tells us that he's pretty sure he weighed 264 pounds in eighth grade. Koli has lost 110 pounds in his 10 weeks on the show, which is pretty darn impressive. The Black Team has lost 39 pounds total, or 3.86%. Well done!

It's all bad news for the Blue Team, though. Except for Sunshine! She had the highest percentage of weight lost and thus has immunity. Everyone else is fair game. The members of the Blue Team talk, and Koli tells Mike that since he's the heaviest team member, he needs to carry the biggest loss. Mike starts crying. He says that everyone else in the house is under 300, and he still weighs 400 pounds. He feels so far away. He tells his teammates that he's there to save his life, and asks them to keep him in the house. It's a matter of life and death.

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