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With that, the Blue Team is in the elimination room. Koli talks football, and says that doubt destroys a team. He votes for Lance. Interesting! Michael says the word "guillotine" with a hard "l" sound, to very dramatic effect. He also votes for Lance. Interesting, again! Michael says, "I really do love you, bro," which reminds me how much I hate it when dudes call each other "bro." Lance votes for Michael, because life and death means nothing to him. With sadness, O'Neal votes for Lance. Only one more vote is needed to send Lance home. Daris is next, and he has written a speech! He says, "I know you can do this at home, because you just proved that. And this is no disrespect at all. You've been a good friend here, and you'll be a good friend in the future. This is for the strength of the team, but there's probably a little strategy in this too, because you're a huge competitor." Daris adds that he has to do what keeps him there, which is to eliminate Lance. Daris is totally bawling, because his heart is as big as his curls.

Lance takes his ouster with relative dignity, and says that he knows he and Melissa will be all right at home. And now he can go and prevent her from having a nervous breakdown or whatever. As the light in his fridge goes out, Lance tells us that he's lost 91 pounds in 10 weeks. Physically and mentally, it feels great, and he's been empowered by the education he's received. When he arrived at the ranch, he wasn't confident that he'd be able to lose the weight. Now, he's confident that he'll continue to lose the weight at home. The next time we see Lance, he'll be thin and lean and back in the saddle again. We check in with Lance at home. He now weighs 265 pounds, and has lost a total of 100 pounds. Lance and Melissa live about an hour from Abilene, which I guess is the closest gym. He uses their home equipment, and bikes around the long, windy Texas roads. Lance climbs a mountain along with his ten year old son, and they stop to identify deer tracks. Lance's son is happy that his dad is skinny, because they can do stuff together. They stand at the top of the mountain, and we see Melissa say that Lance's transformation is amazing. He believes that he can make the change (yeah, do it today), and that's what they needed all along. Lance wants to weigh 220 pounds at the finale, and hopes to get his old job back as a commercial diver. Under the sea, you can't hear Melissa at all!

Next week: There's a live reveal of some sort, and eliminated players may return!

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