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What have I done today to make me feel proud? Three words: ham AND bacon. I'm home for thanksgiving, bitches.

We begin the show post-elimination, with Sami letting the contestants know that makeover week has begun! Sadly, there's no Tim Gunn this year. Instead, the contestants will take a visit to celebrity hairstylist and erstwhile Jessica Simpson BFF Ken Paves. They'll get some new clothes, and also walk the runway at a fashion show to help raise awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Mark notes that makeover week is a milestone, and Patrick hopes that it will entail the traditional family visits. Brendan tells us that he wants to look wicked hot. He needs something to counteract his whack personality if he ever wants to win back his former fiancé. Liz conjectures that she will look beautiful. Maybe she'll get a rhinestone encrusted albuterol inhaler!

In short order, the Losers head to Ken Paves' salon, where Ken himself tells us that he's a huge fan of the show. He asks Liz if she's ready to get foxy, which she is, and lets the guys start to shave themselves. Patrick notes that celebrity salons don't exist in Mississippi -- I guess you just take a brick to your head. Lisa cuts a big chunk out of her hair, since she's apparently going shoulder length. There are scissors snipping, foil highlighting, professional shampooing, eyebrow tweezing, and more. Ada is excited to have a new look to complement her happier self. With their knockout runway looks, Ken says that he hopes the Losers inspire everyone at get makeovers, I guess.

And then there's a fashion shoot for People magazine. Assistant editor Jen Garcia is on hand to watch the proceedings and dole out compliments. Lisa has gone quite a bit shorter and lighter with her hair, and looks great. Brandan is short on top and clean shaven. Patrick's hair is much more stylish, while Mark looks much younger and thinner with his clean-cut 'do. Liz has bangs and a layered shoulder-length cut, while Ada has soft waves. Frado looks relatively unrecognizable, in a good way. Everyone is tickled by the professional photo shoot, and though there's no Tim Gunn magic to take things to the next level, there are vast improvements for the most part.

With the photo shoot over, it's time for runway show. I'm so used to runway shows in the Top Model context that it's hard for me not to make jokes about stomping to the death or ghost brides. Sami hosts in a pink sequined tunic, and announces that they're there to celebrate Ford Warriors in Pink, which fights breast cancer 365 days a year. Former contestant Shanna is there to share her story. She tells everyone that she was still getting treatment for grade three breast cancer -- the most active type -- when she tried out for The Biggest Loser. She has been losing weight on her own at home, and has had her last chemo or radiation treatment. Her most recent mammogram was clear, and she now has a clean bill of health. Shanna wants to share the message that there's life after cancer. The contestants will be wearing clothing from the Warriors In Pink line, which is also available on 100% of proceeds go to the Susan B. Komen Foundation for the Cure, so if you're in the market for a new workout t-shirt you might want to check it out.

Ken Paves is in the audience at the runway, along with Bob and Jillian who are very proud of the contestants. Bob says that makeover week is his favorite, since the contestants get to see the fruits of their labor played out in looking good. Liz is out first on the runway, feeling fabulous. We are reminded that Jillian chose to bring Liz on campus during the first day, a move which she probably regrets now. We go through the obligatory Liz montage, and learn that she's lost 43 pounds total. Liz looks quite sassy in a black pants and sweater combo with a bright pink hat, flower accessory and tulle train. When Liz heads backstage to change into formalwear, her mother, Silvia, is waiting for her. She's quite excited to see her daughter with a new mind, body, and future. The two have an emotional reunion, in which a proud Silvia tells Elizabeth how beautiful she is.

Next up is Lisa, who's lost 60 pounds. In Lisa's obligatory montage, we are reminded of the sad time when her daughter was in the hospital because she didn't want to be fat. Lisa steps out onto the runway with black pants, a pink t-shirt and black jacket. It's not a particularly flattering ensemble, but her hair really looks great. Lisa feels beautiful from head to toe, even though she can't walk in her heels. Ken and his mushroom hair give her a round of applause. Lisa wishes that her kids could be there, and soon enough her wish comes true! Her son, daughter and sister Tracey are waiting for her backstage, and there is happiness when they reunite. Lisa says that all the struggle was worth it, and her son tells her that she's done good. Her infamous daughter, Nikki, tells us that The Biggest Loser has given her hope that her mom's not going to die. She thanks the show for saving her mom's life.

Next on the runway is Patrick, who has lost 99 pounds. He looks pretty suave now that he's lost the beard and the hillbilly haircut. Patrick says that the last several weeks have been full of emotional highs and lows, but it's all been worth it. When he goes backstage to change into his formal wear, he sees his wife, Bradley, and his children who have names akin to those of Kathie Lee's kids. Patrick has been on campus for almost three months, and his wife can't believe how good he looks. One of the adorable yet unfortunately named children says that he loves Patrick to the moon and back. Bradley always thought that Patrick was handsome, but says that now everyone will realize this as well. She also thanks the show for changing his life.

Mark is next on the runway, and has lost the most weight of anyone. He wears a pink hoodie under a black pleather jacket, and is otherwise all black except for his shoelaces. I'm not so sure about the makeover -- it's a little "Drakkar Noir" for my taste -- but Mark says that he feels great. Things get better when he's dolled up in the formal wear. Backstage, Mark meets up with his cousin Merav, his mother Ruth, and his brother Eric. Everyone thinks he looks amazing, so much so that they almost don't recognize him. Merav has lost 68 pounds herself. She says that she and Mark have battled weight together, and she wants to cross the finish line with him. She's thankful for the show on both of their behalves.

Before Brendan steps out on the runway, we learn via his montage that he's always been heavy, and he tends to avoid friends and parties because he has nothing to wear. Well, that's all changed. Brendan wears jeans, a light pink t-shirt, a suit jacket, and a pimpin' necklace. He looks pretty good, and says that he feels rejuvenated and ready to restart his life. With such a clean shave, Brendan has a bit of a baby face, and says this is the first time in a long time that he's felt good. Backstage, his mom, Carole, seems amazed at how great he looks. She says she's so happy to see the smile on his face, and that this is one of the happiest days of her life. I hope it's enough to override all of the days when Brendan acts like a total d-bag.

Ada is next on the runway, and we can only imagine that there's a DCYF worker waiting for her backstage. In her montage she says that she's never felt loved. Nevertheless, she's lost 68 pounds total since being on campus. Ada is decked out in a pink sweater, black frilly skirt, and leopard print hat and heels. It's a little garish, but Ada is adorable and kind of works it out. Jillian tells us that Ada hasn't yet recognized that she's attractive, so it's good for her to dress up and feel special. Ada says that before going on The Biggest Loser, she was disgusted with how she looked. Now, she feels beautiful for the first time and can hold her head high on the runway. Ada's friend Jennifer awaits her backstage, and Ada is actually happy that her parents

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