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aren't there to harsh her buzz. Jennifer is excited that Ada has super-sexy legs and can now buy high boots and zip them without duress. She tells us that Ada is so vibrant, and there's a newfound and wonderful twinkle in her eyes.

Frado is next on the runway, and has lost 100 pounds exactly. He has also had a goatee for 18 years! It's shaved now. He comes out wearing shades, a leather jacket, and jeans. He is positively neckless, and feels like a million bucks. Frado may be vying with Patrick for title of most improved, and looks like an extra from Grease in a good way. Except for maybe the sideburns. He sees his wife and kids backstage, and everyone starts crying from happiness. Including me. Damn it! The family is totally shocked into silence by how different and great Frado looks. His teenage son is kind of unconvinced that he's actually looking at his dad. Frado holds his wife, Caroline, and then picks her up. They are totally in love and are going to bone the life out of each other once he gets home. Frado notes that his kids can put their arms all the way around him when they hug him, which is a new thing. It's a particularly sweet reunion.

The Losers take a last pass on the runway in their formalwear while a stupid song plays. Everyone looks great, and feels happy. Brendan sports a pink bow tie, and looks oddly like a Muppet. Though I maintain that Frado and Patrick look the best post-makeover, Ada is also a strong contender mostly because she appears to feel so happy. Jillian tells us that the contestants look adorable, confident and happy, and that it's nice to have some fun once in a while.

With makeover fun times complete, the contestants stand at the base of Angels Flight, which Sami tells them is the shortest railway in the world -- 300 feet from bottom to top. Per the parameters of their challenge, the contestants can either take the train or walk the 30-odd flights of stairs to the top. Taking the train is worth one point, while walking is worth five. The first player to 100 points wins the challenge and will get a new 2011 Ford Edge, courtesy of Ford Warriors in Pink. Patrick assures us that he would very much like to trade in his mule for an actual ride.

The challenge begins, and everyone starts on the stairs. Ada and Brendan take an early lead, and are acknowledged to be favorites. Mark lags behind, but tells us that he doesn't plan on taking the trolley at all. Elizabeth, after her first trip up and down the stairs, starts huffing. Of course. Ada and Brendan are neck and neck on second lap. Lisa wants to give up but notes, "When people have cancer they don't get to take the trolley." Shouldn't some sort of trolley discrimination laws be put in place? Asshole trolleys. After a few turns on the stairs, Liz needs a rest and becomes the first and only contestant to ride the train.

Ada starts pulling away from Brendan and is still going at a run at the halfway point. Patrick and Brendan are one lap behind her, and Mark is two laps behind her. Elizabeth is way behind, proving that taking the train is a bad strategy. Eventually, Ada laps Patrick and he's frustrated at her ability to continuously haul ass and be awesome. Lisa tells us that Ada could break a leg, cut off a foot, and still beat everyone in the race. At 70 minutes in, Ada has 80 points, Brendan has 75, and Patrick has 70. Patrick is hurting and knows he's too far behind to win, but keeps going on the stairs nonetheless. With one lap to go, Ada is a bit ahead of Brendan. Suddenly, we hear the camera people talking to each other and wondering where Ada is. Finally, they realize that she's stopped at the top of the stairs. She waits for Brendan, consults him for a moment, and then the two of them wait together.

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