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Ada tells us that she's proved to herself that she's won the challenge, so now it's about getting the car into the right person's hands. That right person would be Patrick, who is unemployed, has a couple of kids, and currently drives a 1992 mule. That's pretty sweet. When Patrick makes it to the top of the stairs, he's surprised to see Ada and Brendan waiting for him. They give him a big hug, say they know how badly he needs a car, and follow him down for the last lap. Patrick says this is a moment he'll never forget. Let's hope he can pay the gift tax. Patrick makes it to the bottom of the stairs, hits the buzzer for the last time, and the brand new car is his. He cries, and hugs Ada and Brendan. It really is a pretty nice moment. Frado says he believes in karma and that, "It all comes back," which he should remember during all those times when he's being an asshole. Patrick says he's never had a brand new car, that this is really special, and that it will change his life. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is about to die. At 70 points, she feels completely exhausted and beat up. She opts out, and feels like she let herself down since she was determined to finish.

Back at the house, Ada and Brendan talk. Brendan thinks Ada feels bad because her family didn't come to the runway show. She says that in fact she didn't want them to come, and because she hasn't yet dealt with the video incident seeing them would be awkward. Because of the whole thing about Ada's parents blaming her for her brother's death, she has some serious unresolved issues. She knows she'll feel better when she talks to her family, but is afraid of the actual conversation and its inevitable fallout. Brendan tells Ada that she's a role model to all the girls there -- and the guys, I would add -- and shouldn't let the fact that her parents are giant a-holes affect her too negatively.

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Bob and Jillian join the contestants as they are sitting around eating Subway sandwiches and hear about the challenge. They seem impressed. Elizabeth has giant circles under her eyes, and cries about the fact that she didn't finish. Bob gets it, but wants her to think about victories she's had since she first came on campus. He says that she can finish the challenge by doing 1800 steps on a step machine at the last chance workout. It's a good idea, though frankly she still looks like she might kick the bucket at any moment.

Jillian decides to destroy Frado during the last chance workout, and thus he does a lot of sweating and grunting on various equipment. Ada continues to be a machine, and I really hope she wins. She says that she's fighting to be in the final four. Jillian gets her to scream about it, and is happy. Bob goads Brendan into saying he's the bad-ass in the house, and will win. He thinks he's set himself up perfectly with his alliance, and wants Mark to go out next. For his part, Mark knows he's a goner if he falls below the yellow line and so is trying to drop the pounds. Elizabeth makes her 1800 steps and looks very tired. Patrick says he's been unemployed since January, and could totally use the $250,000 cash prize. He's working hard, and so is Lisa. She says that seeing her kids was good, and that the visit will tide her over and encourage her to stay through until the end.

After the last chance workout, Frado, Patrick and Brendan chew gum and strategize. Frado is nervous and worries they didn't get in enough workout time. Brendan thinks that even if one of them falls with anybody else, they're good. Brendan says that he's close to Ada and Liz, and Frado and Patrick are in the same boat. They talk about how they couldn't have set this up any better. I keep waiting for the day when two of their cocky asses fall below the yellow line at once.

With that, it's weigh-in time. Sami notes that makeovers mean less time in the gym, so crazy things could happen this week. Patrick is first on the scale, and regrettably has somehow gone back to his bowl cut. Boo! He's lost 99 pounds so far, and is eager to break 100. Patrick goes from 301 pounds to 291, for a loss of 10 pounds or 3.32%. That's a pretty good result, and Patrick says that he's officially "way smaller" than he was when he met his wife. He went from a stud muffin to a muffin, and now is at least getting back into low-fat muffin territory.

Elizabeth is next. She says she has a lot to prove, since she's gotten used to being under the yellow line. Elizabeth goes from 201 pounds to 196, for a loss of 5 pounds or 2.49%. She's happy, and says that she woke up feeling skinny today. Elizabeth didn't think it was possible to take years of weight off in a few months, and thought she'd keep getting worse and worse. Mark's cheeks turn completely red as he listens to her, or maybe he has undiagnosed Rosacea. Elizabeth has lost 48 pounds total.

Brendan is next to weigh-in, and is nervous that he'll only have a five or six pound loss. To guarantee his safety, Brendan needs to have lost more than 9 pounds. He goes from 272 to 265, for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.57%. It's not terrible, and Brendan seems relatively happy with it. Overall he feels great, and Jillian commends him for having such a good attitude and renewed focus on what he wants. Sami announces that Patrick is safe, and will be around for another week.

Ada is next on the scale. She weighed 258 pounds when starting the competition, and now weighs 190. To guarantee her safety, she needs to have lost 4 pounds. Ada goes from 190 to 185, for a loss of 5 pounds or 2.63%. She pumps her fist, and so does Bob, because Ada is everyone's favorite. She's lost 73 pounds since beginning the competition.

Mark is up next, and mumbles to Bob that it's time for a bad number to go up. He knows that if he has an off week, he's screwed. Mark started the competition at 421 pounds, and needs to have lost more than 7 pounds to avoid elimination. He goes from 309 to 299, for a loss of 10 pounds or 3.24%. Woohoo! He's thrilled to be under 300. Brendan is less thrilled about the situation, particularly since he's still in danger of falling below the yellow line. Mark has lost 122 pounds since beginning the competition.

Lisa is next to weigh-in. She tells us that her daughter wrote her a letter, imploring her to stay on the show and not die. That would be pretty convincing, wouldn't it? Lisa needs to have lost more than 5 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 228 to 228, for a loss of 0. Well, that sucks. She says that she's made huge changes since she's been there, and so a zero is particularly disappointing. She knows that she worked hard, and says that she has to accept that she's below the yellow line. She's determined that the zero won't be a road block for her. With two people below him, Brendan is definitely safe from elimination. Curses.

Finally, Frado weighs in. He feels confident that even if he falls below the yellow line his alliances will keep him there. He needs to have lost more than 6 pounds to stay safe. That seems pretty doable. Frado goes from 267 to 263, for a loss of only 4 pounds or 1.5%. He's not happy with it, but says he's learned so much and wants to stay and finish this thing. He asks how he could be upset having lost over 100 pounds. It's his first time below the yellow line, and he tells Sami to stay tuned and sees how it plays out. It's easy to say "so be it" when you feel pretty confident that your alliances have your back. So it's Frado and Lisa in the bottom two, and Elizabeth is safe for once.

Lisa and Frado get an hour to talk to the others. Frado tells them that he never thought he'd be below the yellow line. He came to campus weighing 367 pounds and being sick with diabetes and myriad other ailments. This is one of the best things that happened to him, he says, and he wants to finish with the others, even though he loves Lisa. He pleads to stay, but says that if they vote him out he won't have hard feeli

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