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ngs. Lisa has struggled in the past with wanting to stay in the competition, but now says that she does want to be there and finish. Regardless of what happens, however, she's glad that she's built friendships and gone on this journey with the others. She cries, and then she and Frado leave the others alone to deliberate.

Voting goes relatively quickly, and according to expectations. Brendan of course votes to oust Lisa, even though he commends the changes she's made, particularly in the past two weeks. Elizabeth notes that Frado has had her back since day one, and she needs to repay that loyalty. Thus, she's also voted for Lisa. Mark is next, and says that one of the people up for elimination is a threat to him, but he looks forward to the challenge. He votes for Lisa. With that, Lisa has been eliminated. She cries, and says this has been one of the hardest things, if not the hardest thing, that she's ever been through. She's leaving a different person, and though it's been a challenge she regrets nothing. She'll miss the people, and appreciates the experience. Frado is happy that Lisa stayed and realized that she's worth it, and that she's found much-needed peace. Lisa hugs everyone goodbye without bitter feelings.

When Lisa arrived at the ranch, she weighed 288 pounds and was digging her own grave. She assures us that won't happen anymore. It's been the hardest, most wonderful eye-opening experience, and she'll forever be grateful. Lisa says that her kids can look up to her now and be proud. She's heading home with a smile, because she's accomplished what she set out to do, and is excited for her friends and family to see her. She's living her life instead of suffering it.

24 hours later, we head to Oklahoma with Lisa and get to enjoy the party that's being thrown in her honor at the public library. Lisa's stepmother, Sherry, is anxious to see how beautiful Lisa looks, and is quite emotional about it. The crowd of partygoers does not attend to the library's quiet rules when they see Lisa, and instead burst into screams and applause. Sherry thanks The Biggest Loser for changing Lisa's life, and continues to cry like crazy. Lisa's mother, Janis, says her heart fell to the floor when she saw Lisa, because she looked so beautiful, young, and good. Lisa says that the finale is coming up, and she still has 50-60 pounds to lose. With everyone's support, she can do it. Lisa tells her daughter, Nikki, that she wants to be the mother that she deserves. Nikki isn't going to let her mother go back to the hefty days, she assures us. There is much loving and hugging. The next time we see Lisa, she will be the happy, healthy mom she always wanted to be.

Before Lisa went to ranch, she had that unfortunate situation with her daughter going blind from starvation. Since coming home from ranch, she's been the parent she always wanted to be -- a player in her kids' lives rather than a spectator. She looks really great. Her daughter sees a long, happy future with her more active mom who is much less likely to kick the bucket. Lisa has also been working with a young lady named Blythe who attended her initial public weigh-in. She wants to pay it forward, and help to change someone else's life. Blythe feels more hopeful after meeting Lisa, and says that she's an amazing inspiration. Lisa sees that she has a future now with endless possibilities, and can't wait to see what happens. She has lost 89 pounds, and plans to begin personal training certification soon.

Coming up on The Biggest Loser: Reunion special! And next week we'll learn who makes the final four. The end is in sight!

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