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Last week: Everyone on the Red Team gave moving tributes about what a hero to the world Arthur was, and then they unanimously and unceremoniously booted him. It was a true shit-ass thing to do, despite the fact that Arthur had some shady dealings during the first half of the season. But alas, the deed has been done. The Black Team joins the Red Team in the elimination room, and Sami tells them that to succeed every team must have a great leader. And thus, each team will have to pick a captain to lead them this week. Marci and Courtney give each other the old side-eye for some reason. Sami says that the role of leader comes with a lot of responsibility -- the person will have to lead, inspire, and be trustworthy, especially since they'll be making a lot of important decisions on behalf of the entire team. They'll have to make some of those decisions on their own, so the teams don't want to nominate someone who'll jack everything up in a moment of panic or strategery.

The teams get a minute to confer and then announce their captain decisions. The Red Team goes with Justin, who is looking Sheen-levels of haggard at this point. Maybe the tiger blood isn't agreeing with him. He promises that whether or not he's captain, he'll be just as obnoxious as always. The Black Team chooses Marci to be its leader. She's something of a mother figure, and is also willing to fall on the cross for the rest of the ladies on the team if they're up for elimination. Incidentally, Kaylee is the last remaining barrier to this becoming boys versus girls in the world series of chub.

The Black Team heads back to the house, and Marci talks about her first assignments as team captain. She had to make decisions on her own about a couple of things, the first being which team member would be the one person allowed in the kitchen for the week. That person will have to cook for everyone, which does not sound like a fun job. Hannah pictures herself as something akin to the Swedish Chef, with stew all over her apron. She shouldn't worry, though, because Marci chose Olivia to be the chef for the week. The second thing that Marci had to decide is which two members of the team would work out with the trainers today. Everyone else is on their own, apparently. Marci chose Hannah and Sarah to get trainer time. Sarah is new to the team and so needs to get with the Bob and Jillian program, while Marci thinks that Hannah will be a good support to Sarah since they have some psychological issues/debilitating accidents in common. Hannah, however, is not much interested in being a support to Sarah, whom she feels is not quite at the same level as of yet.

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