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Allen Wrenched

As the song continues, we flash back once again to the contestants when they were all fat and miserable and self-hating during their first days on the show. They're better now, full of vigor, health, and optimism. We've seen this 100 times already this episode. Gah. The show adds some nice accompaniment to Danny's song, which ends on the repeated line, "Take this second chance." Everyone loves it, and relates to its message. Amanda tells the others that she's turned a corner and truly loves herself. Danny says that he has a second chance to be the father that his kids deserved, and the sexytimes 175-pound lover that his wife married.

Jillian and Bob meet up with the contestants after the challenge. Bob says that these guys want to be in the finals so badly. He and Jillian are going to give them the tools to do it, and then let the chips fall where they may. Everyone goes to the gym for last chance workout. Danny thinks that he and Rudy are the two to watch, and are like two elephants butting heads for dominance. Bob calls them heroes. Elephant heroes. Who, I'm sure, store their peanuts in Zip Loc bags. They stand head to head on stairmasters, and Bob ratchets them up to elephant-level 20.

Jillian yells to Allen that spots in the final four aren't given away. She notes that Allen was the strongest contestant on day one, but was still huffing and puffing. Now he plows through workouts. This is Allen's last chance to prove himself, and he hopes he stays above the yellow line. Amanda has more incentive to push harder since all the others are against her. She says that if the others are going to take her spot, they'll have to kick ass for it. Liz says that she has to work doubly hard to compete with all the young people. Jillian tortures her, and forces her to run a 9.0 on the treadmill. Liz can't believe that she can do it. She says that she knows so many women like her, who give everything to their families because they're supposed to be caretakers. But you have to take care of yourself if you want to have more to give. Liz knew when she came on the show that she had lost herself. It feels good not to hide anymore. Jillian tells us that on day one Liz was falling on the floor, rolling on the ground, crying, and hiding in the corner. Now she has a quiet confidence about her. Jillian tells Liz to live out loud, live proud, own who she is and what she's done and not let anyone take that away from her. Liz says, "Watch out world, here I come!" Were Suze Orman there to add an emphatic, "Girlfriend!"

Weigh-in! Both Rudy and Danny started in the 400s, and are on the verge of being in the 200s. Rudy could set the record for losing the most weight in eleven weeks. Danny is currently tied for a Biggest Loser record of losing double digits six weeks in a row. If he continues that streak tonight, he'll have the record all to himself. There is no advantage or immunity at this weigh-in. However, the contestant who has lost the highest percentage of weight will get a visit at home from chef Curtis Stone, who will give a lesson in cooking healthy meals. Two contestants will fall below the yellow line, and one will be voted off.

Liz is first to weigh in. She says her relationship with the scale has been a disaster, with bad weeks rotating with good weeks. Last week was a small number, so she's due for a good one. Liz goes from 203 to 198 for a loss of 5. She has a cautious smile, and is thankful to be officially out of the 200s. Her total percentage of weight lost is 2.46%. Rudy is next. He has lost more weight in ten weeks than anyone in Biggest Loser history. He says that anyone can do it, if they work out 24 hours a day under the constant supervision of celebrity trainers. You know, it's a mindset. Rudy goes from 308 to 296 for a loss of 12. Bob and Jillian high five. Rudy says he's won already, and feels incredible. He has lost 146 pounds in 11 weeks, which is indeed a record. Rudy goes over and lifts Bob and Jillian together in celebration. He has lost 3.90% total.

Allen is next. To guarantee safety, he has to have lost more than 9 pounds. Allen goes from 238 to 230 for a loss of 8. Ah, too bad. Allen is probably my favorite contestant. He says he's going to be a first class firefighter, and a role model to his colleagues and his family. Allen says that his daughter always viewed him as Superman, and now he has the physical body to back that up. He also can go back to his wife and give her what she wants -- sexytimes! Leading to an expansion of their family. He says that their life will be a whole lot better now that he's a whole lot better. Allen has lost 3.36%, and Rudy is definitely safe.

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