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Danny is next, and is a little worried about plateauing. He needs to have lost more than 10 pounds to stay above the yellow line. Danny goes from 304 to 288 for a loss of 16. Madness! He has had double-digit losses for seven weeks in a row, and is happy to have the record. Danny also feels like crying, which is a big surprise. Danny reinvested in his dreams, says Bob, and has had an a-ha moment. Jillian says they can give Danny all the science, but unless he feels worth the end result he won't be able to put that into action. With a weight loss of 5.26%, Danny is guaranteed a spot in final four. Liz falls below the yellow line.

Amanda is last to weigh in. Jillian loves an underdog, but says that Amanda doesn't have the alliances to stay on campus if she falls below the yellow line. She has to have lost more than six pounds to stay. It's a big number for her, and thus is a daunting prospect. Amanda goes from 193 to 186 for a loss of 7. She did it! Amazing! She cries and says she's the most confident and happy person she's ever been. She truly loves herself. Amanda is in the final four. She thanks us for choosing her and hopes that she's making us proud. Amanda has lost a total of 3.63%, and Liz and Allen are below the yellow line. It's a given that Danny will vote for Allen to leave and Rudy will vote for Liz, so Amanda is the crucial swing vote. Liz voted to send Amanda home a few weeks ago, and hopes that decision doesn't bite her in the butt. Danny has the highest percentage of weight lost and so gets the Curtis Stone visit. As the trainers bid adieu to the contestants, Bob tells Allen that he's a hero. He's really into heroes this episode, isn't he?

Liz and Allen plead their cases. Liz says that it took her a while to get going, but if she's in the final four it will push her to lose her last 70 pounds. Allen is going to show the fight that he's always telling Liz to have. He says he wants to be there, and to finish, and to finish strong. Amanda tells the others that she doesn't know what she's going to do. Allen requests some one on one time with her, and stresses that she needs to play the game. He is no threat to her, because he can't lose the amount of weight that it takes to win. It will be harder for Amanda if Liz is in the mix, he says, and he adds that Liz voted against Amanda at one point. He asks who she wants by her side in the finals.

We accompany the contestants to the voting room. As expected, Danny chooses to vote off Allen, and Rudy chooses to vote off Liz. It's all down to Amanda. She says that she could have gone the gameplay route and kept Allen, since Liz could theoretically beat her in the finals. Or she could keep Liz because of their friendship. Her decision tonight is based on her integrity. She's sending Allen home. Amanda has become really close with Liz, and wants to support her as one woman to another. She also likes a challenge, and thinks she'll push harder with Liz by her side. Allen is very gracious about his elimination, and is excited to hold his daughter and wife and get back to his community.

Allen arrived at the ranch weighing 325 pounds. He now weighs 230. He says that losing 95 pounds in eleven weeks is pretty amazing. He repeats Liz's mantra that to take care of others, you have to take care of yourself. He can be there for his family now, and as a firefighter and EMT can also be there to save peoples' lives and protect property. He's going home a changed, fit, and happy person. The next time we see him, Allen says, he will be a smoking hot firefighter on a calendar.

24 hours later, we go home with Allen to Columbus, Indiana. There's a welcome home party at the firehouse. Allen's wife, Frankie, is excited to see him, and so is his adorable daughter. Allen thanks everyone for the support and prayers, and he hopes he's making them proud. He still has a ways to go, and is going to be working hard. Allen races his daughter, who used to always beat him head to head. He tells us that he let her win. I think she's just fast. Before The Biggest Loser, Allen weighed 325 pounds. He now weighs 220. The mindset he has now has made an impact on him and family, and has changed his whole world. He has a positive future outlook. Frankie says that she and Allen weren't connected as a couple before he went on the ranch, but since he's come home he tells and shows her that he loves her. Allen goes to his daughter's school to deliver the $5,000 check that he won and lead the kids in some physical activity. Including the cabbage patch! Allen thanks The Biggest Loser from the bottom of his heart for helping him to save his life, and to inspire his community. Allen has inspired 275 people to start a Biggest Loser competition at his gym. They lost 2,368 pounds in six weeks!

Next week: the final four! And our vote will decide who makes it to the finale. And before that we'll be treated to the "Where Are They Now?" episode. Somebody has gained all his weight back, and Bob's going to give him what-for.

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