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Weather alert! Floods, fires, locusts! Things are REALLY wet in the northeast, everyone. More opportunities for water aerobics, I guess. In any case, I think I missed the first minute or two of the show, but you know that there's really about 15 minutes of genuine content in this full two hours, so I'm not too concerned. The gist of this opening seems to be: a lot of people have gone home. Got it. Ashley says that her focus has changed recently, and that now she's in it to win it. It took her almost three months to figure out that she wanted to win this competitive show for which she signed up?

The contestants meet Sami in the gym. She assumes that none of the contestants want to put back on any of the weight they had when they first came to campus. However, she has something else that they might want to put on. It's their original team colored shirts! They're going to singles. No more riding the coattails of your team, or bringing down anyone but yourself. Sami tells them that the next Biggest Loser is in the gym. BUT. She just can't guarantee that it will be one of them. It might be one of the former contestants, all of whom are back, standing there behind door number two, and looking angry. There are varying viewpoints about this. One of them is, "Oh, fuck." Before the night is over, every one of the eliminated contestants will have a chance to get back in this game. And then they'll repeat the cycle over and over because THIS SHOW NEVER ENDS. God. Stephanie is with me, and doesn't want anyone back.

The former contestants are going to get back on the scale, but their weight loss won't determine who makes it back on campus. For the first time in history, the person who comes back will be determined by the remaining competitors in a simple vote. Popularity, not achievement! It's just like life. Each of the eliminated players will get a chance to weigh in and then plead his or her case. Victoria, who was eliminated during week one, feels that she's at a disadvantage, since because of her early ouster she has no relationships with anyone. Sami says that no one can vote for his or her former teammate. People are bummed about that. The person who receives the most votes is back in the game. Melissa screams out, "Gooooosh, that's crazy!" As crazy as her crazy eyes. Melissa knows that she doesn't stand a snowball's chance in Fiji of winning a popularity contest, and says that her only chance to get back in the game is to convince the others that she's not a threat. Migdalia isn't there, because her husband was sent to Iraq and she had to stay home and take care of her kids. That's sad. Particularly because she might have pummeled Melissa if she had come back.

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