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The contestants work out in the gym, and the trainers enter. Jillian and her hair weave are very happy at first. Bob, too. They think that the move to singles is the big news of the week, and Jillian notes that you really start to see people's true colors at this point. And then Melissa bounces through the doors of the gym. Jillian is oddly enthusiastic. Melissa gives her a big hug. This is weird, and I hate it. But then the part I love is when Victoria comes back! Bob and Jillian love it, too, and are proud of the contestants who voted her back in. They gave Victoria a gift, and Victoria deserves it, says Bob.

So, singles. It's all about individual drive. And beatings. Victoria looks like she may puke. But she loves it, even though she knows she's going to have to work. Sunshine is uber-confident about being in the final four. I don't know where that came from. O'Neal says that he feels like he has two daughters in the house now, and he hopes that Sunshine and Victoria push each other to the top. Stephanie is extremely bitter that two contestants are back in the house, and hopes that they get voted out as soon as possible. Koli is annoyed about having game-playing Melissa back. Aren't we all. Poor Victoria is roped into a product placement for Zip Loc bags right off the bat.

Meanwhile, Melissa walks outside as Ashley and Drea look on. Drea acknowledges that Melissa looks good. Ashley makes no such acknowledgment. Koli comes to talk to her about all house drama. Ashley isn't so sure about Stephanie. We are reminded that a few weeks ago Stephanie pulled a two, but it was the week that Sherry was on the chopping block. The week after, she lost nine pounds. It seems to Koli that there might have been some gameplay involved. He has no concrete evidence, but wouldn't put it past her. Ashley's first instinct about Stephanie was that she's not trustworthy. Koli says she has to figure this out for herself, and do what's best for her. If Stephanie did indeed throw the weigh-in that led to Sherry's elimination, then Ashley wants her gone.

After another weather alert, Bob wants O'Neal to conquer a set of stairs. O'Neal apparently has stair troubles. He walks up the stairs. Victory. Stephanie, meanwhile, is falling apart. Jillian asks her what's going on. After Jillian screams at Stephanie to get up, Stephanie collapses and starts crying. She walks off in a huff, and Dr. Phillian follows her out of the gym. Stephanie says that she's dead from her bottom. Dr. Phillian isn't buying it. The two of them take a seat on a giant tire. Of course. Stephanie says that she's giving all of herself, and is sorry if that's not good enough. Again, Dr. Phillian isn't buying it. Finally, Stephanie says she's scared that she'll go home, and not on her own terms. Dr. Phillian conjectures that Stephanie feels so out of control in her own life that she tries to control everything around her. Whether she knows it or not, she's alienating herself from the others in the house, and is projecting things that aren't real. Stephanie pretends to see this pattern, but Dr. Phillian knows it's a lie. Dr. P. tells Stephanie that the more she tries to control something, the more it's going to be out of control.

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