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Last week: Sarah was dumped by the other ladies of the Black Team. It was somewhat sad times, and I'm guessing it made her re-think her team switch. There are more surprises in store, per usual, and so after Sarah leaves Sami asks the Red Team to enter the elimination room. She tells them that for the past five weeks they've battled each other in every way possible -- in challenges, temptations, and on the scale. This week, however, they won't be competing against each other. There will be one team -- the Blue Team -- and one common enemy in the form of the scale. Sami says that this week they've lost a combined total of 64 pounds. If in the upcoming week they can lose more than 64 total pounds, they'll all have immunity. Way to stretch out the season for one more episode, show.

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse, it's time for a visit to Dr. "Death" Huizenga. Does he even have a real first name? Courtney and Marci visit him first, and hope to get better news than they did during the last visit, when he told Courtney that all the hydrated fat inside her would make her explode and die. That would be a messy way to go. Dr. H. tells Courtney that her percentage of body fat is now at 35%, which is the average for an American woman. I don't know that that's a great barometer. However, she used to be way over 50%. The ideal is less than 25%, which Courtney can certainly reach by the time she's done losing weight. Courtney tells us that she's lost over 200 pounds, and we can all shed some pounds too and take down that American average. Marci, meanwhile, has erased all of her risk factors and her body fat percentage is down to 23%. She does look great. In less than three months she's lost 75 pounds and is at her ideal weight. She can stay on campus, of course, but she's at the point where she'll probably just gain some muscle and lose a little fat. Dr. H.'s invisible hat, which I imagine looks identical to the Grim Reaper's cloak hood, goes off to her. He tells us that he likes to deliver good news, and so rarely gets to do it.

Moses and Kaylee visit Dr. H., and we are reminded that Moses was basically dead already when the season began. Dr. H. gave him his death date, which I still think was total bullshit and also not nice. Dr. H. says that Moses has turned things around as much as any contestant they've had. He's gotten 19 years back in terms of his "real age" number. His risk of a stroke went from 50% down to "several" percent. Several percent? Very scientific. This should teach the folks who doubt the sanity and safety of Biggest Loser techniques. It's medically sound, duh. Moses's risk of diabetes went from 90% to 1%, which is quite a jump. Also, Moses is no longer going to die in April, 2025, unless he gets hit by a bus or a meteor or something. Dr. H. asks Moses to spend some of his extra 19 years trying to convince all the Tongan folk not to eat so damn much.

Dr. H. meets with Rulon next. He asks Rulon what it's like losing weight on a short-term basis for a wrestling meet, versus losing weight to save your life. Rulon says something about water and sweating and it not being good. He's gone from having a 62 inch waist to a 48 inch waist, which should make shopping for pants a little easier, at least. Rulon can see his physique coming back, and is excited for more weight to come off. He says that to have a healthy life for his family is his new gold medal.

Sami meets with the combined Blue Team for a pop challenge. They'll be split into teams of two, which will be comprised of one Black and one Red Team member. Their challenge is simply to cook the best dish they can in 30 minutes. To judge this challenge we have BL favorites Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia. Hannah wants to make sweet love to Curtis on a bed of curly kale. Don't we all. Curtis says that the food that they're making has to taste fantastic and be fantastically healthy. Hannah is ready to put her good wifey cooking skills out there to impress Curtis. The dishes will be judged on originality, calories, and taste. The team who makes the best dish gets a prize. Sadly for Hannah, the prize is not Curtis. But it is the Biggest Loser meal plan for the entire time that they're home before the finale. This entails a full menu of healthy chef-made meals delivered to their door -- breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack! I bet the snack isn't cookies, though.

The contestants pair up. Hannah goes with Ken, while Moses takes Olivia. Jennifer and Kaylee are paired, and are cooking a turkey taco tostada with chipotle yogurt sauce. Lorena seems impressed by their progress. Olivia and Moses make a baked cod with dill, lemon, garlic and roasted asparagus. It's quick, which is certainly a plus. Jennifer and Kaylee reveal their 350 calorie tostada to the judges. Lorena goes back for seconds and thirds, which Jennifer takes as a good sign. Lorena says that she liked it, and the flavors were there. Olivia and Moses's cod is 170 calories. Lorena says that it's delicious, but you can feel the intensity of the dill. Curtis agrees that the dill overpowered the dish slightly but all in all it was really good.

Ken and Hannah take a turn in the kitchen. They're making filet mignon and a salad, as well as a small and healthy peppermint milkshake. Irene and Justin are paired and are making steak with potatoes, mashed cauliflower, and green beans with almonds. Irene is having some trouble trying to mash her cauliflower in the blender. Ken gets nervous about his sizzling pan and pours some water on the filet, which Curtis tells us is not how you want to cook a steak. These two teams present their dishes to the judges. Irene and Justin's steak and cauliflower mash is 330 calories. Irene knows that it doesn't look pretty. Curtis gives her a lecture about presentation, and Irene is like, "Can I please go back to the treadmill now?" The wasabi, ginger, and almonds on the green beans don't work so well, according to Curtis. Hannah and Ken reveal their 230 calorie steak and salad. Lorena loves the color, and Curtis agrees that the presentation is good. Curtis is relatively impressed, or at least not horrified, by the steak. The chocolate shake is 75 calories, and the judges like it too.

The next set of teams hit the kitchen. Hannah and Austin are making whole wheat tortillas with Greek yogurt mixed with Dutch chocolate and strawberries. Austin also makes a chocolate Greek yogurt shake. Does this count as a meal? Rulon and Marci make spicy cod and colorful veggies. Courtney flirts her face off with Curtis, and Rulon sneaks a strawberry. Marci and Rulon's cod with Cajun seasonings is 200 calories, and does look delicious. Curtis's review is that the meal says, "Come eat me." Can someone send me a dance mix of Curtis saying that? Hot. Lorena likes the spiciness of the sauce. Courtney reveals her chocolate strawberry tortilla, which weighs in at 170 calories. Curtis and Lorena are both very impressed, and appreciate the effort at a health-conscious dessert. The chocolate almond shake is also a big hit, and is 75 calories.

The contestants all gather together to hear the results. Curtis and Lorena give big compliments to the turkey tostada and the cod with dill. Sami reminds them that only one team can win, and the cod has it! Despite the excessive dill, Moses and Olivia win and get the meal plan. Curtis says that it's as if a chef prepared it, and Olivia is over the moon about it. Let's hope she can parlay this into Curtis Stone being her brother-in-law.

The contestants head to the gym, where all four trainers await them. They tell Bob, Jillian, Cara and Brett about the 64 pound challenge. Bob is happy that for once it's going to be all about hard work and not games. Jillian and Bob take the guys, while Brett and Cara take the ladies. Olivia tells us that it's fun to be the Blue Team and not have all the extra competitive drama. Bob is very excited to sink his teeth into Olympic gold medalist Rulon, and then bury him in the gym. Rulon is also excited about the lack of team to team competitio

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