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ving up until the fat lady sings, which is a funny turn of phrase in this particular circumstance.

Ken is up next. He goes from 277 to 270, for a loss of 7 pounds. Everyone is excited about this, especially Ken. He says that it's been a joy to be in the house with everyone else, and to have them love and accept him. He really does seem like a nice guy. With six players left to weigh in, the Blue Team has so far lost 31 pounds. Austin is next, and is gunning for a 7-pound loss. He goes from 283 to 275 for a loss of 8 pounds! He's thrilled, and Ken is proud to have seen his son transform. Courtney is next, and if she loses 6 pounds she'll be down 200 pounds from the start of her weight loss journey. Sometimes I wish the word "journey" could be erased from the English language. Courtney goes from 241 to 237, for a loss of 4 pounds. She's still proud of it. Brett tells her that her positive attitude is priceless.

Four people are left, and the Blue Team is a little bit ahead. Irene is next on the scale. She goes from 180 to 178, for a loss of 2 pounds. She wishes she had done better. Brett says that the contestants are putting the effort in, and shouldn't get discouraged. Moses is up next, and is the great tan hope to put the Blue Team over the edge. He goes from 309 to 303, for a loss of 6 pounds. Kaylee puts her hands over her face, and I'm not sure why. I guess they were hoping that he'd have a giant number. However, the Blue Team is at 51 pounds with two people to weigh in. Sadly for them, these two people are Marci and Kaylee who are both quite small already.

Marci steps on the scale. She goes from 162 to 162, for a loss of bupkis. Everyone is pretty sad about it, particularly Kaylee who is left to lose 9 pounds if everyone is to get immunity. She goes from 174 to 176, for a GAIN of 2 pounds. She breaks down in tears and says that she's shocked. Jillian tells her that she lost 7 last week, which is a lot, and her body is out of whack. She's not failing, she's just not balanced, and they need to figure out how to equalize things.

So, in a shocking development, the Losers for once did not conquer the immunity-giving challenge put before them. Kaylee and Marci are below the yellow line. Marci talks to the group and says that it's her time to go home. Courtney cries, but Marci is firm. She wants Kaylee to be there, and hopes that the others can respect that. And really, Marci is pretty much all set. She tells Courtney to stay focused, and to have the courage to finish the job. The whole thing becomes a giant sob-fest. Marci says some poignant words, but I am too distracted by how much she looks like Jerri Blank at this moment to properly convey them. It's uncanny!

At the elimination, Courtney votes for Kaylee, because she can't write her own mom's name down. Moses votes for Marci, and says that he'll take care of Courtney on the ranch. Jen went against orders and voted for Kaylee, because Marci is like a mom to her. You're supposed to listen to what your mom says! Hannah, Irene and Olivia vote for Marci, and give her their utmost kind words. Rulon and Marci have spent special times together over the past several weeks, but in a mother-child way. Get your minds out of the gutter! Rulon votes for Marci, and she only needs one more to be eliminated. Justin delivers the tearful final blow. He says he loves a strong woman, and Marci has not only taught the women something, she's taught the men something too. CRAZY. Can you even imagine it? I've never heard of such a thing! He votes for Marci, and the deed is done.

Marci says that she feels at peace and proud to be on the journey with the rest of these folks. She's glad they all got a chance to pull together as a team, and to do the right thing. She tells everyone that she's going to be fine, and tells Courtney that she couldn't be prouder. Marci tells us that she thought she was coming on the show for Courtney, but once on campus she realized she needed to be there too. Every day changed her life. Parents set an example for their children, she says, and she's always tried to set a good one. But here, Courtney set an example for her. Marci is most proud that she influenced so many young people on the ranch. There were tough days, but a lot of times the others would say that if Marci could do it, they could too. Marci weighed 238 pounds when she first came on the ranch. Today she weighs 162. The next time we see her, Marci will be just as fit and healthy as she is today.

We catch up with Marci at home, feeling like a million bucks. She plans to move onward and upward, and to share the message that nothing is more important than your health. She's back at work in the gym, eating her frozen Biggest Loser Simply Sensible meals. They're putting product placements in the tags now? So wrong. I hope she gets paid for that. Marci's husband, Kevin, runs on the treadmill beside her. He gives thanks to the show for changing the lives of his wife and daughter. Marci says that she's already won. She appreciates everything she got on the show, and wants to share it. Not only is it her responsibility to pay it forward, it's her privilege to do so. She says that going on The Biggest Loser is the best thing she's ever done. Marci reached her goal weight at the ranch, and her new goal is to maintain that weight for the rest of her life. Good for her.

Next week: Someone's coming back! And so is the drama. Oh good, this happy kumbaya stuff is annoying. Sami gives a speech about people being able to leave if they want to. Uh oh!

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