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It is night at the Biggest Loser Ranch. The air is filled with dramatic music. We join the Blue Team post-elimination. Aubrey is solidly weeping. We're reminded that Mandi was eliminated, and by her own hand no less! She sacrificed herself and, as we saw in the at-home update, it seemed to work out well for her. Sami tells the Blue Team that it's not over yet. The Black Team enters the elimination room and the music gets even more dramatic. Sami announces that Mandi isn't the only one going home tonight...all of them are going home for the week. For visits! They'll be back for the next weigh-in. Hopefully the Black Team got all the binging out of their system during the luxury day. Everyone is excited to see their families and, in Kristin's case, cute bulldog. Sami, ever the buzzkill, reminds everyone that their families will distract them and there are lots of temptations, as opposed to the Taco-Bell-free-zone of the ranch. Helen hopes that she has the sense to do fewer tequila shots when she's at home, and says that she's afraid to be thrown back into the scenario known as life. It's not as scary as The Game of Life, with that mountain wheel and little pink peg people, though.

Planes traverse the skies as the contestants head home. The welcoming committees line the streets and the airports. Tara's Long Island entourage is especially spirited and impressive. Her mom immediately starts crying because she looks so different. She says that it's like having the old Tara, who was in magazines, back. Her brother Mike cries, too, and talks about how much he loves her. Aubrey's family meets her at the airport and her dad talks about how proud he is. Her husband, Justin, totally can't wait to bone her. Her kids are also quite adorable. Laura is welcomed by her family and her mom, Bernadette, is amazed and happy to see her looking so great. Helen's family is all dressed in bright pink t-shirts, and they're astounded at how much weight she's lost. Her husband tells us how much he loves her. Shannon is there, too, and Helen tells us that she's stepped it up at home. Consider that anecdotal evidence.

Filipe and Sione greet their families together, and everyone goes wild. Brittany, Sione's wife, says that half of him walked through the doors. Filipe gives his wife Levila a big hug, and she interviews how proud she is of him. Kristin and Cathy also greet their family together. Every woman in the family has the exact same hair! Crazy. Cathy's husband, John, totally wants to boff his skinny wife. Ron enters to greet his group of supporters first, and his wife (who is a total skinny Minnie, by the way) says he looks fantastic. Then Mikey makes his big dramatic entrance and everyone goes wild. Mike's brother Max starts crying like a mofo. Like, snorfling, red-faced for real sobbing. Max interviews that it all hit him when Mike walked in the door. Everyone else in his family looks great, and now he feels left out because he's still big. Ron tells Max that he's going to look just like them. Ron feels sad for the way Max is feeling now, but is confident that he's going to get it done.

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