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Everyone packs their stuff and prepares to head back to the ranch. It's hard for everyone, and it's hard on their families, too. Hugs and kisses, music about letting go, tears, etc. When the contestants get back, Sami gathers them together to reveal the marathon results and who stole the cookies from the cookie jar. She looks like she's been crying all night. Maybe she thinks the cookie rule is a terrible twist, too? Sami reveals Sione's time, then asks who penalized Sione with cookies. No one did! His time stands. We see Tara's time, which was of course the fastest. Sami asks if anyone ate a cookie for her. Helen admits that she did. Tara is shocked and annoyed. She interviews that Helen ate a cookie for nothing since she didn't win. Sione has developed a whole new level of respect for Helen. What happened to Aubrey's cookies?

Last chance workout! Jillian administers beatings. But not to Sione and Filipe! They're with Bob. Bob notes that since the Blue Team has been formed, they haven't won a single weigh-in. He's hoping his luck might change. Kristin tells us that this week she could be the first female contestant to lose 100 pounds while on campus. And I know it's an accomplishment at all, but frankly I think a good portion of that has to do with the fact that she was so big to begin with. Sione lets us know that he didn't quite get in the 2-3 hour workouts he was supposed to at home.

Weigh-ins! Mike is up first. He goes from 278 to 270 for a loss of 8. Everyone seems impressed. He's shocked that he was able to do so well while at home. Mike has lost 118 pounds total, which is pretty crazy. Laura is next. She goes from 226 to 220 for a loss of 6. Also great! She has to bust out a "Holy shit!" Jillian smiles a little, like maybe she's starting to hate Laura less. She interviews that there's still work to do, but something in Laura has shifted. She's happy about it. Tara is next. We are reminded that she lost no pounds last week. If she loses 6 pounds this week, she'll be the first to hit the historical 100 pound loss. ["Is it just me or did it seem like Bob whispered to Kristin that she had nothing to worry about? God. He's so cocky sometimes." -- Angel] She goes from 200 to 198 for a loss of 2. She's pretty upset and starts crying about how frustrated she is. Jillian tells her that she's overtraining and her body is slamming on the brakes, and being at home was also a factor. Jillian interviews that the closer they get to the end of the game, the more manic Tara is becoming. She's overthinking, overtraining, over-exercising and not sleeping. She's spinning out of control and her body is fighting back. Jillian tells Tara to listen to her, and asks us at home if we wouldn't, in the same place, listen to her. Oh, I'm listening. I feel the terror through the TV and am afraid not to. Sione is next to weigh in. He goes from 277 to 273 for a loss of 4. Not great. He says he's not losing sleep over it, but just has to work hard the next week. Jillian draws a correlation to Sione and Filipe not working out with her for two weeks and having bad numbers for two weeks. She might have something there, or maybe he just snuck some cheese fries. Filipe is next. If he loses 10 pounds, Filipe will hit a hundred pounds lost. He goes from 274 to 267 for a loss of 7. Not bad. Finally there's Helen, who goes from 189 to 182 for a loss of 7. Well done! The Black Team has lost 34 pounds total, or 2.35%.

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