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To win the weigh-in, the Blue Team will have had to lose more than 24 pounds, or an average of 6 pounds apiece. Bob thinks that's manageable. Aubrey is up first. She goes from 200 to 195 for a loss of 5. She's quite pleased, and especially happy to be out of the 200s. Ron is next. He's lost 93 pounds in his time on the Ranch, which is pretty good, given that he can't really do anything physical. He goes from 337 to 327 for a loss of 10. Everyone on both teams gives him a huge round of applause. Mikey is so proud of him, which is adorable. Bob thanks Jesus that Ron finally lost some poundage. Mike runs up to Ron and hugs him, and tells us that at 54 years old with one knee and one shoulder, Ron's accomplishments are inspirational. The two remaining players -- Cathy and Kristin -- need to have lost more than 9 pounds to keep the Blue Team safe. That seems pretty reasonable. If Kristin loses 3 pounds, she'll be the first woman to lose 100 pounds on campus. But oh, shiitake! Kristin goes from 263 to 264 for a gain of 1. Kristin says she doesn't know what happened, and Bob says this tells him that she's not ready to be at home. Cathy has to have lost more than 10 pounds this week to keep the Blue Team safe. That's a pretty tall order. Cathy goes from 242 to 241 for a loss of 1. Aubrey starts bawling because she knows she's a goner. Ron has the highest percentage of weight lost and so has immunity. Blergh.

The Blue Team has an hour to formulate their decision. They're all sick of losing. Aubrey pleads her case, saying that none of them are ready to go home, and all of them need to be there. Cathy volunteers to go home, saying that she's strong enough to do it at home. Aubrey feels bad about that. Apparently they're very close. Aubrey would never ask Cathy to leave her daughter, but at the same time she wants to stay on the ranch. Tears. Kristin doesn't want to lose her mom, who is her biggest ally, and struggles as to whether she should respect Cathy's wishes to go home.

In the judging room, Aubrey votes for Cathy, as does Ron. Kristin struggles with her decision, but in the end goes with Cathy herself. Cathy handles it all in stride, with a whole lot of grace. She hugs everyone and tells Kristin that she's in good hands. Cathy exit interviews that she's shocked she's made it this far, and is proud of the accomplishment she's made. Exercise is empowering, she says, and she's determined to not be a quitter now. Bob has shown her that she can do it, and she wants to inspire others to change their lives as well. She gives a shout out to Kristin, and tells us that she's going to be 80 pounds thinner and we won't be able to tell who's the mother and who's the daughter. At home, Cathy has developed a new addiction: spinning! Her daughters are doing it, too, and are all losing weight along with Cathy! She says that when she's done with this she'll be so powerful, because she'll be strong emotionally and physically. And it doesn't get much better than that! Cathy and her daughters have lost a total of 141 pounds.

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