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Home Again, Home Again, Joggity Jog
ch! Bob is super excited to run the last bit with her. She crosses the finish line to great fanfare in five hours and twenty-eight minutes. Well done. Fat Amanda tells Skinny Amanda to maintain her healthy lifestyle and never again be a prisoner in her own body. Back at mile sixteen, Danny is really hitting a wall. Liz is concerned. Danny says that he needs to walk, and actually doubts if he can even finish. Liz tells him that he's not going to quit. Danny decides that he's not going to stop, though he and Liz do take a little break. That's the spirit. Danny's going to ignore the legs and knees that are telling him to stop, and listen to the heart that's telling him to keep going. Liz offers encouragement all along the way, and Danny says that it was destiny for he and Liz to go through the marathon and the whole show together. And finally, after a lot of inspirational talk, the finish line is in sight! Jillian meets up with the two final runners at mile twenty-five. And then, at six hours and fifty-five minutes, Liz and Danny cross the finish line. Those two, as evidenced by their Fat Former Selves speeches, really have changed a ton. They look great now. Everyone gets their designer whey $10,000 for charity.

And then there's the final weigh-in. When Liz first arrived on campus, she weighed 267 pounds. Her previous weight was 198 pounds. And Liz's current weight is 182. She lost 16 pounds. Liz says she worked really hard for that 16 pounds. It wasn't exactly what she was hoping for, but she did work out every day. Liz says that she got her life back, so she can't be upset. Liz has lost a total of 85 pounds since coming to campus. Her percentage lost is 8.08%. Amanda is next. She came on campus weighing 250 pounds, and her previous weight was 186 pounds. To beat Liz, she needs to have lost more than 15 pounds. Amanda's current weight is 170, which means she lost 16 pounds. She's happy with that, and says it's a realistic number. Amanda's percentage lost is 8.6%, which puts her just above Liz.

Danny weighs in next. He started the competition at 430 pounds. When he left the ranch, he weighed 288 pounds. Danny needs to have lost more than 24 pounds to make it to the finals. Danny's current weight is 229, which means he lost 59 pounds! That's incredible! His face has gotten increasingly handsome, too. Danny notes that he's 14 pounds away from being half the man he used to be. Danny has lost a total of 201 pounds since coming on campus, making him one of only four players to ever lose 200 pounds with The Biggest Loser, and he still has time to go. Danny's total percentage lost is 20.49%. Holy smokes. Danny is guaranteed a spot in the finale, and Liz is definitely below the yellow line.

Finally, there's Rudy. He weighed 442 pounds when he first came to campus, and 296 pounds before he headed home for two months. Rudy needs to have lost more than 25 pounds to best Amanda and get a spot in the finale. His current weight is 253, meaning that he's lost 43 pounds. That's also pretty great. Rudy says he hasn't been this light since high school. Rudy has lost 14.53%, and is definitely in the final three.

This of course means that Amanda and Liz are both below the yellow line, and get to plead their cases to us, the voters. Liz tells us that she's there pleading her case. Hmm. Convincing. Amanda asked us to vote for her once before. She wants us to help her one more time. Liz says that she knows she has it in her to win this. At 49, she's the oldest female to make it to the final four, and if we vote her through she will be the oldest contestant ever in the final three. Eh, that's enough to convince me. I support oldsters! Amanda says that she'll make us proud and will do everything she can to prove that she hasn't wasted this opportunity.

So now it's up to us to vote. All the power is ours! Go to and remember there's a limit of ten votes per email address. Voting ends at 3 p.m. EST on December 2. Hey! That's not a very long time to vote! The finalist will be revealed within the first five minutes of next week's finale. Woo hoo!

Next week: finale, suckers! I sure hope it isn't three hours long again.

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