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What have I done today to make me feel proud? Well, I WALKED to the liquor store.

We greet the contestants post-elimination, where Stephanie got the boot. Victoria tells the others that she's seen many an elimination on television, but being part of it in the flesh wasn't fun at all. She tells us that there are other realities of being on the ranch that you don't see on TV, and it's not all good times. Sam, who was below the yellow line along with Stephanie, is thankful that he was kept in the competition, and to hear that he motivates the others and that's part of why they kept him. Melissa, who appears to be skulking in the corner while the others sing Kumbaya, interviews that it's week twelve and these bitches still aren't in game play mode. They're not working towards the goal, she says, or else they would have gotten rid of Sam. To Melissa, the goal is the $250,000, of course. The other contestants aren't doing what's best for them, she says. Yeah, screw upstanding character! That shit doesn't get you rich! "Are ya crazy?" Melissa asks. Isn't that ironic?

The contestants meet Sami at the gym. She tells them that one thing has been clear during the three months they've been in the competition: nothing ever comes easy. This week, all of that could change because someone could win immunity with the simple push of a button. Sami pushes said button, and sirens start going off. Daris tells us that if you hear sirens like that in Oklahoma, you've got to grab a mattress and jump in the tub because there's a tornado coming. I don't quite get the mattress and tub connection, but I trust that there's something sensical about it. A wall opens up to reveal the scale. Sami tells the contestants that each of them will get a card that gives them access to the scale anytime they want. This is a first. Each card has a number on it, which indicates how much each contestant has to lose -- the first player to lose more than two percent of their body weight this week wins immunity. However, there's a catch. Each player only gets one shot on the scale. If they fail, they don't get another try. And once somebody gets immunity, nobody else gets to try. This is basically like a race to see who can pee out six pounds first. Melissa is psyched about this twist, because she enjoys all things evil. When a player is ready to weigh in, they press the button and the sirens will alert the others that someone's giving the two percent challenge a shot. That player must then insert his or her card into an ATM-like contraption, and I guess weigh in. And get a crisp stack of $20s, maybe.

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