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Sunshine and Sam remain neck and neck, until they're tied at 98. Sunshine has a little extra motivation, because she wants to help O'Neal. She kicks it up and drops her final two weights on her scale. Sunshine is the winner! She doesn't miss a beat as she dives back in the water to help O'Neal. Sam finishes second, and looks to Koli to see what he should do. Koli directs Sam to help O'Neal as well. Victoria is next to reach 100 pounds on her scale, followed by Koli, Drea, Ashley, and Daris. O'Neal, with a little help from his friends, is close to finishing. This leaves Mike and Melissa in danger of coming in last. Mike is slightly behind Melissa, until everyone else starts to help him. EVERYONE. Nobody helps Melissa, because they all hate her. Sam's like, "Tough shit, that's reality." Melissa interviews that the fact that no one helped her indicates that none of them yet know how to play the game to win. They're helping Michael, who's one of the biggest players in the house. "What are they thinking?" she asks. They are thinking that Melissa is a blight on the good energy that they've managed to maintain for weeks. Mike finishes, and Melissa is last. She gets a one-pound disadvantage. She's still gunning for immunity, though.

The contestants get back to the house and basically collapse. Koli and Sam wonder if they should hit the button. Sam advocates for doing it the next morning, after a good nighttime workout. Koli is a bit more eager to jump the gun, particularly because he doesn't want Melissa to get valuable immunity. He suspects she might hit the button as soon as possible. Melissa thinks she's close, but not quite ready. She goes to bed, as Koli and Sam have a midnight workout. Melissa has a plan to workout at 3 AM, and 6 AM. That's madness. Sam and Koli leave the gym at 1:15 AM, determined to beat Melissa to the buzzer. That crazy bitch actually does get up at 3 AM and work out. What's wrong with these people? Get some damn sleep!

The next morning, the buzzer goes off! It's Sam. Melissa is ticked that he got to the button before her. She says that if, by the grace of God, Sam doesn't lose his needed six pounds, she's going straight to the button. As Sam removes his shirt, everyone comments on how tiny he is. It's true that he's already pretty ripped. As the scale slowly creeps up, we finally learn that Sam has not lost six pounds. He's lost TEN POUNDS! That's 3.8 percent. He gets very testosterone-y about it, which is appropriate in this situation, I think. Well played, Sam! Everyone is super impressed. Melissa is exceptionally pissed, even though she's publicly good natured about it.

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