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And then that conversation happens! How convenient. Dr. Phillian is not there to facilitate. Sunshine tells O'Neal that she's seeing herself for the first time, and finally believes that she's beautiful. O'Neal starts to cry, which instantly makes me cry. Aw, man. Sunshine says that she believes in herself for the first time. Their bond is still strong, but she has to do this for herself. She's a woman now, and at 24 is finally standing on her own two feet. She's independent and believes in herself, and that makes her bond with O'Neal stronger -- she can stand next to him rather than under him. Under him sounds squishy. O'Neal says that he could never have let Sunshine go until she said what she said -- until he knew that she could stand on her own. He's been holding Sunshine since she was born, and today he finally stopped holding her. There are tears from Sunshine, O'Neal and me. These two should be in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie. I can't take it! Also, I kind of want Sunshine to win now.

Weigh-in! To recap: Sam has immunity, and doesn't have to weigh-in again. Melissa has a one-pound disadvantage, and no one can stand her. Koli steps on the scale first. He goes from 281 to 276, for a loss of 5 pounds or 1.78%. He is not pleased, and says that this week he just hopes to get through. Daris is next. He goes from 237 to 233 for a loss of 4 pounds. That's 1.69%. He's also not so happy. Bob and Jillian aren't sure what's going on, and make "WTF?" faces to each other from across the room. Michael is next. He goes from 381 to 372, for a loss of 9 pounds. That's 2.36%, and he's definitely safe. Ashley is next, and goes from 271 to 264, for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.58%. She's also safe.

Next we have Sunshine. She needs to have lost more than three pounds to stay safe. She goes from 202 to 195, for a loss of 7! Oh, getting rid of the emotional baggage always leads to a good number. O'Neal is so proud he can hardly even talk. So many tears! He says he gets his strength from Sunshine, because he loves her so much. Sunshine has lost 3.47% of her body weight, and shoots to the top of the pack. Koli and Daris are getting nervous. O'Neal is next on the scale. He needs to have lost more than five pounds to stay safe. He goes from 291 to 283, for a loss of 8 pounds or 2.75%. He and Sunshine can't stop hugging and talking about how special this moment is. Okay, we get it.

Victoria is next, and needs to have lost more than five pounds to stay safe. She's quite nervous, but for no reason! Victoria goes from 283 to 272, for a loss of 11! That's 3.89%, and she's now the weight-loss leader. Drea is up next. To stay safe, she needs to have lost more than four pounds. She goes from 227 to 225, for a loss of 2 pounds. Not good news. Drea is in shock, and says she's not ready to go home. Bob gives her a pep talk, and Sami reminds her that it's not over yet. However, with a percentage of .88% lost, she's definitely below the yellow line. This leaves only Melissa to weigh-in. She thinks she's got it. Taking into account the one-pound disadvantage, Melissa needs to have lost more than four pounds to stay safe and knock Daris below the yellow line. She goes form 178 to 175, for a loss of 3 pounds or 1.12%. Sami tells her that she would have been below Daris even without the one-pound disadvantage. Melissa says that she worked out harder this week than she has in her whole life, and earned more than three pounds this week. She is prepared to fight to stay for another week.

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