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Melissa tells us that when she first weighed-in in Texas, she was lost, angry and sad. She's not that girl anymore. Still crazy, though. Melissa says she knows what she wants in life and what is important, and this house isn't it. The grapes, they are so tart! What's important are her husband and her children, and she's happy to be going home to them. She doesn't look or sound particularly happy, but what can you do. Twenty-four hours later, Melissa is back in Texas. Lance and the kids greet her at the airport with daffodils. Her kids are happy to have her back, and note that she's looking skinnier. Lance agrees. Before Melissa and Lance were cast on the show, Melissa says, their marriage was falling apart. Because of what they learned on the ranch, they're now more solid than ever. Well, that's good. Reality TV as marriage counselor often works wonders. The next time we see Melissa, she'll be running a half-marathon for her 40th birthday. And then she does! In New Orleans! Lance runs it, too. Melissa considers herself one of the luckiest girls on the planet, because of her amazing husband. The two of them cross the finish line together, and are greeted by their families. Melissa does look really great, even if I think she would benefit from some sort of low-dosage medication and a lot of talk therapy. She continues her journey toward a healthy lifestyle and marriage. Melissa plans to run a full marathon this summer.

Next week: Last season's winner, Danny, visits campus. Also, the contestants kidnap Jillian and quite possibly drag her through a giant mud pit!

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