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Trimming the Fat
pound. At this point, though, there's no telling. Ada has lost 79 pounds so far in the competition, and her total percentage lost this week is 3.78%. Elizabeth is next. She goes from 196 pounds to 192, for a loss of 4 pounds or 2.04%. It's not what she expected, particularly after working so hard all week. It also will probably put her in danger. Elizabeth has lost 52 pounds altogether.

Mark is next on the scale. Before he weighs in, he says that this is his father's 60th birthday, and he wants to make him proud. He's so sweet, and Sami assures him that he has a lot to be proud of, and his father doesn't suck like Ada's and so will recognize this. Mark goes from 299 pounds to 292, for a loss of 7 pounds or 2.34%. At least he's not going to be under the red line. Mark is very disappointed. He says that he's worked harder this week than in his whole time on campus, and took advantage of every second. A loss of 7 pounds is unacceptable for him, even though he's lost 129 pounds in total.

Patrick, who often seems to be the least vile of the horrible alliance, is next. To guarantee his safety and make sure he's above the yellow line, he needs to have lost more than 11 pounds. Patrick goes from 291 pounds to 279, for a loss of 12 pounds or 4.12%. He's excited, but Elizabeth and Mark look like they're having trouble being happy for him. Patrick has lost 121 pounds total, and is in the final four. Elizabeth is definitely under the yellow line, at least.

Frado is up next, and thinks he might throw up. That's a good way to get rid of that extra pound! He's unsure of how things are going to go tonight. Frado needs to have lost more than 9 pounds to make the final four. He goes from 263 to 248, for a loss of a whopping 15 pounds. That's 5.70%. He's extremely safe, and psyched to be in the final four. Mark is less psyched to be below the yellow line, and Elizabeth is quite unhappy to be inching toward the red line.

Brendan is last to weigh-in, and his weight loss will determine whether he or Ada is guaranteed to make the final four. He will need to have lost more than five pounds to be above the red line, and more than ten pounds to be above the yellow line. Bob kicked Brendan's ass, and so is expecting a big number. Brendan goes from 265 to 260, for a loss of 5 pounds. COME ON! Brendan's ass is OUT. I know I should be happy about this, and about the fact that there's karma in the world, but I think that Jessica Simpson knocked all the joy out of me in the 8:00 hour. I feel neutral tingeing on a strange little bit of sadness for him. Brendan says that he sees the silver lining, and that it's okay that he's going home. The five pound loss doesn't define him. Frado extols his love for Brendan, and calls him "my bro" and then bangs his chest like he's Celine Dion. Patrick also gives a small tribute to Brendan, and tells him that he's going to be fine. Bob tells Brendan that he's leaving the house a changed man, and has worked incredibly hard. He's the strongest person in the gym, and Bob thinks that he's great. Jillian says that she's disappointed for Brendan because he's such an incredible athlete and has worked so hard. She tells him that he's a bad-ass, and is focused on what matters to him. She knows that he'll go after all of his dreams, and everything he's passionate about will happen for him.

Brendan tells the remaining five that he's glad they're the ones who are still here. Mark tells Brendan that he's overcome more than any of them have. He has? Brendan cries some tears of sadness, and some tears of joy. In less than three months, Brendan has lost 102 pounds, and Sami reminds him that this is reason for pride. Plus, he still could be the at-home winner and get a cool $100,000. With a total percentage weight loss of 1.89%, Brendan is below the red line and has been eliminated. Karma has a box of Girl Scout cookies. Brendan says that no matter what people think of him, he's lost 102 pounds, and that's unbelievable. He's changed mentally, emotionally, and physically, and will never go back to the painful time of the last few years.

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