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Trimming the Fat

Sami congratulates Ada on being in the final four, and is sorry to tell Mark and Elizabeth that they're below the yellow line. They get one hour to plead their case. If these skinnies have any integrity, they'll bump Elizabeth and make it a fair fight. That's probably not going to happen though. Mark tells the others that they're family to him, and he doesn't want to stop fighting. It would mean the world to him to finish with them, and he wants to be there at the end with all his heart. Patrick tells us that Mark has worked hard all season and never been below the yellow line, while Elizabeth has fallen under a whopping eight times. He wonders when enough is enough and it's her time to go. Elizabeth tells the others that she pushed herself hard this week, and she doesn't know what happened. She hopes that they'll allow her to finish the competition with them.

With that, it's time for the elimination ceremony. Mark, clearly an adorable naïf, says that he doesn't know how Ada will vote, but Frado and Patrick should have his back. He's confident that they'll keep him around. Elizabeth, on the other hand, is never confident going into eliminations. People may have friendships, she says, but in the end they'll do what's best for them. Ada is first to vote. She says that she has to choose what's right for herself, and there's one person she's closer to. For that reason, she votes for Mark. Bad call, man. Bad call. Patrick has a special place in his heart for both Elizabeth and Mark, and says this is the hardest elimination yet. No it is not! Gah. Patrick votes for Mark, and then apologizes and says that he is a huge threat. Mark is a little surprised by Patrick's vote. I'm not. Patrick says that if the situation were reversed, Mark would have also given himself the best opportunity to win. He hopes that Mark doesn't take it personally. Mark says he understands, which really means, "I understand that you're an asshole." He looks kind of blank and sad and it's really very depressing. It's also infuriating that Elizabeth has made it to the final four.

Mark tells us that this hurts. Not only did he not make the final four, but he though Patrick had his back and was mistaken. Patrick was wrong when he said that Mark would make the same decision if the situation were reversed, Mark says. I believe him on that one, too. Being on The Biggest Loser has been the experience of a lifetime, Mark says. He adds that life at 421 pounds was not great. He let his weight define him, but discovered how hard he can push himself. He's back, and back to stay.

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