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Trimming the Fat

Cut to Mark heading home to New Brunswick, NJ. A party in his honor is being held at the bar where he used to work. Brendan, meanwhile, is back in West Roxbury and ready for his party. His friends and family, one of whom may be Burt Reynolds, cheer when he enters. His mom says that she first noticed his smile, which she hasn't seen on him for years. Mark gives his dad a great big hug. His dad says that if he passed Mark on the street, he wouldn't recognize him. He's so sweet. Mark tells the crowd that he was stuck in a rut before he left, and had lost his zest for life. Brendan tells a similar story, adding that he was a sad, sad soul and it was tough for him to live. He realized that the ultimate prize was getting his life back. Mark is now ready for life to catch up to him, instead of the other way around. Brendan tells us that before coming on campus he was really depressed, and had a lot of anxiety and other issues. Hm, maybe this is what the others were referring to when they talked about how much Brendan had been through. His issues are not all gone, but they're starting to dissipate and he's feeling really good now. Mark, meanwhile, has his eyes on the $100,000 prize.

When Brendan started the show, he weighed 362 pounds. He now weighs 237 pounds, for a total loss of 125. Brendan tells us again that he was lost, and felt that his life was a black hole. He wore the same jeans and fat sweatshirt every day. It feels good to try on clothes now and have them fit. He feels like he can move on, start dating, and be happy again. We see Brendan on a date with a pretty lady. He thanks The Biggest Loser, and admits that even though he was a game player, the show saved his life. He tells us that he's been working in inner-city schools for eight years, but before he came on the show he was kind of faking it. He wasn't physically or mentally ready to really teach his kids to his full capability. Now he feels like he can be an example, and show the kids the right path to go down. Except for the assholery. He should selectively omit that. Brendan's students are proud of him, and do seem to be inspired by his journey. Brendan is running the Boston Marathon again and hopes to beat his previous time of 4 hours, 58 minutes.

When Mark started the show, he weighed 421 pounds. He now weighs 248 pounds. That's serious! Mark moved in with his cousin who lives in Phoenix and has lost 100 pounds. They're going to finish their journeys together. A lot of former contestants live in Phoenix, including Sunshine from season nine. Sunshine says that although they're meeting for the first time, they're family. They hike together, and Mark is happy to get the help and advice of someone who's been where he is now. She tells him that it's hard at first after the finale, since normal life is no longer normal. It's good to set goals, stay involved and surround yourself with positive people who want you to do well. Mark says he knows he's going to accomplish what he set out to do, and will kick start his new life. He knows how he used to hurt, and how good he feels now, and there's no way he's going back. Mark has lost a total of 173 pounds and plans to travel the country educating people on health and fitness.

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