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came along with the strength to carry on! Ken says that Justin turned Austin into a man. I don't think he means that the way it sounds. But maybe, who knows. They are in pretty close quarters after all. Justin loves everyone for treating him like a deity, and says he's a better person for being there and is damned proud of who he is. And he's damned proud of all of the other contestants. He tells them not to ever let him down.

Justin tells us that this show saved his life, and gave him the opportunity to be proud of who he is. He says it doesn't get any better than knowing you made a change. Justin has called out everyone on the ranch, which is a source of great satisfaction to him. Remember when he bitch slapped Q? A highlight for the ages. A triumph of the spirit. The next time we see Justin, he'll be calling us out. If we're sitting on the couch, he says, it's time to stand up and look in the mirror and be honest about who we are. Ooh, j'accuse. I have to sit on the couch! I'm recapping your stupid show! And do not try to read me, lady, because I watch Drag Race religiously and have been practicing. God.

Justin started at 365 pounds, and today weighs 225 pounds. He's lost 140 pounds and feels great, though he still looks totally tired. We catch up with Justin in Logan, Utah, where he's calling out people left and right. Oh, but wait. Then the greatest thing happens. Justin shows us his branding, which is a t-shirt that says "Justin's Call Out" in a really terrible font that I can only imagine is called "Dungeons" or "Dragons." And what is the tag line of Justin's Call Out, you may ask? Wait for it -- "Blasting through the chatter." That is so amazing. I totally want one, except I bet that it's made from scratchy cotton. Justin tells us that first he calls people out, and then he helps them out. He has a 5 a.m. class that he runs, and tells us that he lights the fire of his disciples, and they in turn light his. Justin does have an adorable son who loves him, which makes me feel slightly bad about talking such shit about him. And then I look at the shirt again and feel okay about it. I've really just given him some chatter to blast through. Justin leads his tribe in a cheer of "Family on Three!" He hopes the people he "called out" in his class will one day become leaders themselves, and make hideous t-shirts of their own.

Next week: A whole new team of two comes to the ranch! What is even happening anymore?

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