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Suze, who is wearing some sort of giant peach cowl-necked blazer, addresses the contestants. She says it's amazing how heavy even a little amount of money is, as evidenced by the challenge. In their lives, a little money can feel like such a burden. What is she even talking about? Seriously, Suze can give some good advice but her monologues on this episode make no sense. Debt, of course, is a burden, but we knew that already. Last year, Suze looked at the financials of all the contestants and actually predicted that Danny would win because he had the highest FICO score of everybody. Oh, man, that's SO Suze. I bet she screens all of her Facebook friends using this same method. I would never show her my financial documents, because I hate it when people yell at me or call me "girlfriend."

Suze introduces someone who knows a little something about health and wealth -- it's Danny himself! He has managed to keep all that weight off. Danny tells the contestants that it was embarrassing for him to come out and announce to America that he was $45,000 in debt. More embarrassing than showing his moobs week after week when he stepped on the scale? I think not. Danny didn't deal with all the credit card collectors calling him, much as he didn't deal with his weight for a long time. If he was in that much trouble and had the best FICO score of the bunch, things must have been really rough for the rest of the season eight contestants. I imagine they're living in various forms of squalor as we speak, and are only relieved of calls from debt collectors by the fact that their phones have been shut off. Suze has once again gone through everyone's finances, and wants the Losers to take full responsibility for their lives. If they're willing to bare all, they'll win, and Suze will give them some strategies for dealing with collectors, to boot.

Suze asks Michael how much debt he has. He doesn't even know. He says it's a very heavy burden, and makes him upset just to think about. Suze points out that Michael has the fortitude to have lost 150 pounds. He can deal with his financial problems as well as his obesity. Suze then asks Sunshine if she keeps track of her calories every day. She does in her head. So does Michael. Koli doesn't, even though he's supposed to. Danny tells him that if he wants to win, he should start doing it now. Danny assures the others that it's not too late to start counting every calorie and every quarter. Koli is inspired.

Suze is now ready to choose the winner of this season, based on FICO score and credit card debt and the magical Suze formula of doom. She was ready to name Koli the winner until she heard about his lack of calorie counting. Unless he changes his ways, she doesn't think he's going to win. She thus names Sunshine as her pick. Sunshine is quite pleased, and Koli is motivated to start keeping a calorie journal or something.

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