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Danny stays to work out with the contestants. Bob and Jillian are thrilled to see him, and proud that he's stayed so skinny. Danny works out with Daris, and Bob reminds Daris not to get stressed, because he doesn't lose weight when he's stressed. Bob tells Daris that he knows what it takes to go the distance, and needs to keep doing it. Sunshine and Koli work out together and motivate each other. Koli says he's focusing on the confetti, and Sunshine snarks that she doesn't know if they do that for the at-home winner. Burn! Danny gives Drea a pep talk about needing to be on campus for yourself, and not anyone else. Jillian notes that the contestants have watched Danny's journey, so having him on campus to motivate them is just the ticket.

Jillian has to open a can of whoop-ass on Victoria when she stops on the treadmill. Victoria is apparently way behind the other contestants psychologically, and that's really hurting her in the gym. Jillian tells Victoria to figure it out quick. Victoria puts her head down, and Jillian yells at her to wake up and dig a little bit deeper. I guess the screaming in tandem with the beatings is the key to getting up to psychological par. Jillian gets in Victoria's face and asks Victoria what she's doing there. Victoria says she's trying to be the best, and Jillian tells her she's not doing a very good job. It's all because of her head. Victoria says she thinks she can't go anymore, and she doesn't know why. Dr. Phillian instructs her to dig deeper, and to run. She's ready to run Victoria until her legs fall off. Victoria stops midway through her run, and Jillian screams. Everyone else has been broken down and had breakthroughs already, says Jillian, and Victoria is going through it all in week thirteen instead of week three. She's like a bonus prize for Dr. Phillian to scream at! But it's going to take some time.

Victoria talks with Sam, and tries to figure out why she hasn't been successful at losing weight. Sam tells her that he didn't know himself when he first came to campus, and notes that if you don't get anything emotionally and mentally from this experience, you've missed the whole point. Weight will come back when you can't figure out what's going on mentally. He tells her that figuring your shit out is pretty important. Words to live by.

The contestants trek out in the rain to see Sami. It's absolutely pouring, and only Sami appears to have an umbrella. She says that The Biggest Loser is the ride of a lifetime, and today that's especially true. Two people are going to ride away in a brand new car. There is happiness galore at the thought of winning a 2010 Mazda something or other. Sami explains the challenge: on the hill, there are seven giant balloons -- one for each color left in the game. Each balloon holds 20 keys, which means there are 140 keys total. Two of them will start the cars. Their job is to find the working keys, one key at a time. In the pouring rain, and through the mud. Isn't going on The Price Is Right easier? And couldn't they at least give these poor people raincoats?

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