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The contest begins! Sam requests an ark. Everyone hopes that their first key will be the lucky one, but alas -- no one's FICO score is good enough to warrant such karma. As the pneumonia takes hold, more keys fail. Eventually, the weather clears a bit, but the contestants are still struggling to find the keys that work. As Drea tells Sami that she currently drives a go-cart that her dog won't even fit into, her key works! She gets the blue car, and is quite happy with it. The others continue to struggle and fight for the one remaining car. Eventually, O'Neal's key works in the red car! He wins! Which also means Sunshine wins. She loves him even more than usual.

Back at the ranch, Bob and Jillian strategize. Bob is going to focus on Michael and Drea, while Jillian is going to try again with Victoria. She plans to torture her by having her do the exact same thing that invoked Dr. Phillian and screaming before -- sprints with everyone. Victoria says that this is going to be pure torture, and she wonders if she's going to be able to do it at all. She'll have 30 sprints total. Bob, meanwhile, tells Drea that he gets her plea last week on the scale -- that she deserves to be in the competition, and was making a stand for herself. She tells Bob that she's experienced a lot of changes since being on campus. Previously, she never thought that she could fall in love with someone or be in a good relationship, because she was "the fat girl" and never felt good enough. She wants to share love so badly, and before she came on campus she didn't want to touch people, because she didn't want them to touch her. Bob asks why it took coming on the show to make her deal with that. She says she's good at denial. Being on campus, she realized she's a lovable person who can also give love, and that's huge. She doesn't want to hide anymore.

Meanwhile, Victoria is feeling the pain of the sprints. She complains, but keeps at it. Finally, she has only one more set to go. She does it, and everyone else cheers her on and gives her a healthy round of applause when she finishes. Jillian tells her to go put some boxing gloves on. No sympathy! Jillian is frustrated that Victoria is feeling like a victim where she should be reveling in her accomplishment. She asks Victoria what she wants from herself. Victoria wants to be on par with the other contestants. Jillian tells her that she is, and if she thinks that every day is a punishment, all of this has no purpose. Additionally, Victoria still isn't telling Jillian what brought her to 350 pounds. Victoria says that sometimes she feels like she's not worth being the best, and that general she doesn't feel not good enough. Jillian asks for specifics, and Victoria says that she feels not good enough in friendships, or in being a daughter. She thinks that her parents should have a more beautiful child. Dr. Phillian tells her that she's as deserving and as special and as beautiful as anyone else on the planet. She's good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like her! Jillian says that Victoria is just beginning to delve into her self-destructive behaviors, and she has enormous potential. Victoria tells us that she's just beginning to figure out her purpose here.

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