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The contestants meet Sami in the elimination room. She reminds them that they'll be ending someone's dream tonight. What a way with words, that one. Sunshine is first to vote. She says she had to focus on what's going to help her and make her go further. She votes for Drea. Ashley is next. She prayed about it, and decided to vote for Sam. I guess God's not a fan. Ashley points out that Sam looks great. Victoria votes for Drea. So does Koli, obviously. One more vote, and Drea goes home. Michael is next to vote. He says that Sam and Koli have been like idols to him, because they're so motivating. On the other hand, Drea really needs to be there. Still, he chooses to send her home. With that vote, Drea's out.

Drea tells the others not to feel bad. She's excited to take what she's learned home. She came to campus a young adult, and is now leaving a woman. We follow Drea back home to Michigan, where snow is on the ground. Darrell is very excited to see and hug Drea, and a big party awaits her. She shows off her new physique, and even does a turn to let everyone see all the angles. Darrell says that Drea is back home, and more beautiful than he's ever seen her. She lost 76 pounds on the ranch, but tells her friends and family that her mental breakthroughs were most critical. Oh! And of course she won the car! Not a bad consolation prize. Next time we see Drea, we'll see someone who's even more radiant and vibrant and happy about living life. We might be a little jealous, but she assures us that we can do it too.

We check in with Drea now. Before The Biggest Loser, even walking her big dog was a challenge. Now, they run together! Drea got a DVD message from Bob in the mail. It features her on day one, giving a moving message to her future self. Looking back, Drea realizes that she's come a long way. However, she's not finished, and has to keep fighting every day. Drea is now a spin instructor, which she loves. She plans on becoming a certified personal trainer focusing on the fitness of special needs children.

Next week: Donuts! Whoever gorges themselves most on a room full of tempting food gets to cast the only elimination vote. In sad news, O'Neal's brother has passed away. He also maybe breaks his back during the challenge. Tough week.

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